Life for real: a fun trailer for Dany Boon’s new film

Dany Boon’s new film, “Life for real”, is unveiled with a trailer. We find there Kad Merad and Charlotte Gainsbourg. The film will be released in theaters on April 19.

Dany Boon finds Kad Merad

For his new comedy, Dany Boon will find Kad Merad for the fourth time. Together, the duo enjoyed monumental success with Welcome to the Ch’tis (2008) its more than 20 million admissions in France. After that, the actor and director directed Kad Merad in Superchondriac (2014) before making him appear in his own role for The Ch’tite Family (2018). So they will have a greater reunion with life for real.

Life for real ©Pathé

This reunion is precisely the subject of Dany Boon’s eighth feature film. As he passed his life at Club Med, Tridan (Dany Boon) decides one day to return to Paris. Totally out of place, he will first meet his half-brother, Louis (Kad Merad). But for him, the important thing is elsewhere since he wishes at all costs seeing your childhood sweetheart again, Violet. In the hope of getting rid of Tridan as quickly as possible, Louis asks his partner (Charlotte Gainsbourg) to pretend to be Violette.

Charlotte Gainsbourg laughs in the trailer for life for real

The trailer (in one article) fun sets the tone for this comedy. If Dany Boon and Kad Merad are in registers that we know, Charlotte Gainsbourg surprises more by her charming awkwardness. Even if we have already seen it in a comic register (give me your hand), she didn’t necessarily imagine him in a film like life for real. His presence should nevertheless bring a lot to the feature film. To see the result, see you in theaters on April 19, 2023.

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