Life chances for Gott! A dream come true within reach of doubts

“We were spending a quiet family afternoon at home, I was learning new lyrics, my wife was playing with the children when the phone rang. Watching Ivan’s expression was fun. At first she thought someone had shot her, and when she realized it wasn’t a forum, she was completely petrified. She got a job offer she would never have dreamed of. I wished her so much, because I knew it had been her earlier dream from when she occasionally met the announcer. Anna Wetlinska. At that time, at the age of twenty, she saw herself on Czech Television as an announcer. But then fate took her on a different path, “he describes in the book Karel Gott.

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Felix Slováček and Jiří Suchý ended up in the hospital after the collapse!

This was followed by a period when Ivana Gottová she considered the pros and cons. After all, Charlotte Elle was four years old, and Nelly Sofia was two years old. But a dream come true at her fingertips so much that she accepted the offer. Even though Gott had promised her all the support at the time, it wouldn’t have been him if he hadn’t digged into it. “Well, what could people say? At most, you got on TV because you’re Gott. You’ll survive. Don’t worry, I know from personal experience that people get used to everything, ” he told her.

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