Licia Colò and her fight against food waste: “I bring microscopic dishes to the table, my daughter says I starve her and I starve her”

This evening January 8 at 9.15 pm come back Eden – A planet to save, the program led by Licia Colò on La7. The new edition will allow the public to immerse themselves in new spectacular landscapes and to learn more about nature and the environment in which we live. In the first trips of the new season of the broadcast, Licia Colò will accompany viewers in the sea of Egadi islands and discovering Todi (Umbria), to finally move to theAsiago plateau. Interviewed by Courier service, the presenter said: “We always talk about how to invest in renewable energy, but the principle that does not enter our heads is that green energy does not exist and at the moment it will never exist. Speaking of green energy is a contradiction because producing it still has an environmental cost, more or less high, but it does. The truth is that we are not willing to give up on something, but the goal must be to be able to consume less energy ”.

Then he thundered: “I’m sorry there aren’t any big influencers promoting energy saving, which are not standard bearers of a more sustainable way of life; they only know how to advertise clothes, bags, shoes; they show you that they have a private plane to travel … all this makes me sad“. “I’m waging a personal battle over food waste, albeit my 16-year-old daughter makes fun of me because she says I starve and undernourish her – he added trying to tone down a decidedly widespread and dramatic phenomenon -. Since there was always something left over at home, I decided to bring microscopic dishes to the table: now my daughter doesn’t leave anything. It gives me a deadly annoyance throw away half a plate of pasta or worse still a piece of meat, a living being, born, raised and killed. Eating it must be a luxury, you can’t waste it like that. I am against intensive farming, I wish we were all vegetarians even if I am the first not to be ”.

Finally a joke about Greta Thunberg, the very young Swedish activist for sustainable development and against climate change: “If there were a thousand Gretas we would be in a better world, she managed to talk about the environment, stir up consciences, break the boxes. I’m sorry instead that for many it was an opportunity to divide the world into pro Greta and against Greta. These two years of pandemic have overshadowed the environment, she can be a terrific commercial, but then governments are needed that they carry out the projects ”, he concluded.

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