LIC Policy Update will pay Rs 27.60 lakh pay premium only Rs 1302 know full details of the policy

LIC Policy Update Investment in Life Insurance Corporation of India is considered to be quite safe. Now Life Insurance Corporation of India has come up with a great scheme for its customers. Under this insurance policy of LIC, customers will deposit only Rs 1302 every month and later will benefit up to Rs 27 lakh, while if your age crosses 100 years, then this benefit increases to 63 lakhs. Through this scheme, you can secure the future of yourself and your family. Know about this best policy. People between the age of 90 days to 55 years can take Jeevan Umang policy of Life Insurance Corporation of India. It offers life cover as well as a lump sum amount on maturity. Every year after the maturity of your policy, you get a fixed amount and after the death of the policyholder, his family and the nominee is given a lump sum amount. This policy provides coverage for up to 100 years of age.

This policy of LIC will get 27 lakhs like this

Under this policy, after paying a premium of Rs 1302 every month, the total premium amount becomes Rs 4.58 lakh after 30 years. After this, you start getting 40 thousand rupees as return every year. If you live for 100 years, you get a total of Rs 27.60 lakhs every year at the rate of 40 thousand. On the other hand, when your age crosses 100, the total benefit becomes Rs 62.95 lakh.

These are also the advantages of taking this policy

In addition to the annual return of 40 thousand, the benefit of insurance is also available on the death of the policyholder or disability in an accident. Apart from this, tax exemption is also available on taking this policy under section 80C of Income Tax. To take this policy, one has to take an insurance of at least two lakh rupees.

Features of Jeevan Umang Policy

In this policy, cover is available till the age of 100 years.

On the death of the policyholder, the money is given to his family members.

People from the age of three months to 55 years can invest in this.

The premium for Jeevan Umang policy is for 15, 20, 25 and 30 years.

In this policy, money is available for life on small investment.

Now LIC will give loan in association with India Post

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) and LIC Housing Finance have announced a partnership to provide home loan products to over 4.5 crore customers of IPPB. According to a statement issued by both the companies, through its strong and extensive network of 650 branches and over 136,000 banking access points, IPPB will make LICHFL’s home loan products accessible to its customers. This facility will be applicable across the country. According to official information, as per the agreement, the credit underwriting, processing and disbursement for all home loans will be responsible for sourcing by LICHFL along with IPPB.

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