Lhoan, Charlotte Caniggia’s ex-boyfriend, reappeared and targeted Mariana Nannis: "He told me he was a black"

During 2018, Charlotte Caniggia and Lhoan were a couple. After their scandalous separation, each one continued his life and little or nothing was known about the singer. However, he reappeared after having a rhinoplasty and remembered his relationship with the former participant of “MasterChef Celebrity 3”.

There the musician spoke with “Show Partners” and said: “With Charlotte I never spoke again”. Currently the sister of alex caniggia He is enjoying his single life and warned that he does not talk about his private life anymore.

The interview with loan went on and he was consulted about the relationship he had with the Caniggia family while in a relationship with Charlotte. “My mother didn’t love me from the first day, once she made me listen to my mother and He told me I was black.”

There the singer-songwriter reflected and said: “You cannot, without knowing anyone, go out to bardear, to say a lot of stupid things for anything”. It was at that moment when The artist compared himself to Claudio Paul Caniggia and all the complaints he is receiving from Mariana Nannis.

Charlotte Caniggia and Lhoan when they were a couple.

And he ended by saying: “He’s doing the same thing now with the bird, do you understand me? It seems something sick, macabre, I kind of get mad at this person and until I see him destroyed I don’t stop.”

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