LGBT diss: Hilarie Burton shoots at Candace Cameron Bure

Hilarie Burton (40) also has something to say about this! A few days ago, actress Candace Cameron Bure (46) caused a stir when she commented on the family pictures that her new home broadcaster wants to convey. The Full House star only recently switched to the US broadcaster Great American Family and believes that it will definitely retain the traditional family image. A statement made for her colleague Hilaria goes below the belt.

“I can’t imagine that Jesus liked hypocrites like Candy. But sure – make your money, sweetie. You can ride your prejudice wave to the bank,” made Hilaria their displeasure Twitter Air. “There’s nothing untraditional about same-sex couples.” The origin of the dispute between the two TV stars was the fact that candace’ previous broadcaster released its first LGBT Christmas film. The 46-year-old is convinced that such a strip will neither be produced nor shown on her new channel, since the “traditional marriage at its core” will be retained.

candace but also seems to have not only friends among the celebrities. The network star Jojo Siwa (19) already criticized in July that she was a very unfriendly person. At the time, however, her own daughter Natasha jumped to her side and shot in turn yoyo. She accused the 19-year-old of having too little respect.

Candace Cameron Bure in October 2019
Hilarie Burton in West Hollywood in September 2019

Splash News/ActionPress

JoJo Siwa in October 2022 in Los Angeles

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