Lézignan-Corbières: the gap is widening between opposition and majority

The first municipal council of the year was held on Tuesday, January 11 at the Palais des Fêtes, with particular attention from the opposition on certain sensitive issues.

You had to show a white leg, or rather health pass, to enter the city council as a member of the public or of the press on Tuesday January 11 at the Palais des Fêtes, “order of my superior” admitted the municipal police officer in charge of control. An order to say the least surprising, when we know that the law “Health Vigilance” of November 10, 2021, specifies: “The health pass is not required to participate or attend a city council meeting”.

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Mayor Gérard Forcada began by presenting his wishes to elected officials, sharing the hope of a rapid exit from the health crisis, then welcomed the new director general of city services, Ivan Ifcic (portrait to come in a next edition). He also announced that the first advance of € 600,000 planned under the agreement with the Urbasolar company, for the photovoltaic field project, had been received.

The board began with the vote of a decision to modify the main budget for the 2021 financial year, which included the recording of provisions for deposits and guarantees in the amount of 2,500 €. Before the vote, Sophie Courrière-Calmon (Experience and Progress) asked for details: “What do this provision and this guarantee correspond to, and do they correlate with the request for functional protection provided for in point 15? If so, it should be voted on after this point”. Response from Jean-Paul Pujol:“This is a provision for legal costs, I don’t have to give you more details and we can vote on it now”. Thing done, and endorsed by elected officials despite the vote against oppositions. At the end of the council, the councilors were therefore asked to vote on the right to functional protection of elected officials. This procedure suggests that the board bears the costs associated with the procedure.

Numerous absences in the ranks of the majority as of the opposition during the municipal council of January 11.
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The request for functional protection was made by Gérard Forcada, Sylvie Danre and Virginie Jullian, who lodged a complaint against the former municipal councilor of the majority Serge Lombardi – resigned – for insulting a person holding public authority (for the case of the letter to elected officials) and for defamation against Fabienne Denard, the wife of an opposition member, following a comment on a social network. The case had a first hearing before the magistrates last November, and a new hearing is scheduled for February 3. Before the vote, Sophie Courrière-Calmon took the floor to be surprised at the situation: “You declared for your wishes that it was necessary to put an end to the old quarrels, but you maintain them by dragging your fellow citizens to court. What lack of height. Can you imagine Pierre Tournier or Michel Maïque filing a complaint against a fellow citizen? Obviously no, they never did “.

The mayor having left during the examination of this file which concerned him, it is Jean-Paul Pujol who answered: “As elected officials, we are exposed […]. There are comments that are not acceptable. If you make the request, I promise that the council will grant you this protection, which is a right “. “Do the € 2,500 voted in point 2 correspond to this affair?” Sophie Courrière-Calmon asks again. No response from the first deputy who puts to the vote, and endorses the request for functional protection despite the vote against oppositions.

In the rest of the agenda, elected officials took note of the results of real estate acquisitions and disposals over the 2021 financial year, broken down as follows: land acquisitions: € 38,575; acquisitions of buildings: € 365,860; land disposals: € 163,310. Before the vote, Jean-Paul Pujol said: “To those who say that Gérard Forcada is selling the city, this deliberation shows rather that he is buying it”.

The council also voted on the annual allocation of service vehicles. Thierry Denard (Experience and progress) then noted “a significant increase in service vehicles” and asked if he could consult the list of all vehicles allocated to agents and elected officials. “No vehicle is allocated to elected officials, and there is no obligation to provide the vehicle allocation list”, responded on 1is adjoint.

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