Lexa speaks out about accusations of not helping a battered employee at her mansion. Understand!

Lexa ended up involved in a mess like that. This Thursday (13), a former employee of the singer fired a series of accusations against the artist. Through her press office, the Rainha de battery of Unidos da Tijuca defended herself and told her version of the facts.

During the painting “A Hora da Venenosa”, from “Balanço Geral SP”, Fabíola Reipert told about a mess that happened at Lexa and MC Guimê’s mansion. According to the journalist, the housekeeper, identified as Ana Paula, was involved in a fight with another employee and ended up being fired for just cause by the singer.

The discussion between the employees would have started after the maid cleaned the mansion and the cook, named Ludmila, released Lexa and Guimê’s dogs around the house.

Ana Paula complained to Ludmila and the confusion started. “Ana said that the cook [Ludmila] pulled her hair, hanged her, physical aggression took place. The diarist got desperate and went there to knock on the door of Guimê and Lexa’s room to ask for help”, narrated Fabíola.

The former employee says that she did not receive help from the singers and was fired for just cause. In addition, Ana Paula claims that she worked with the singers for a year, but that time is not in her work portfolio. Who was also accused of not fulfilling labor rights to an employee was Deolane Bezerra.

Lexa defends herself against ex-employee’s accusations

Lexa often posts some moments of her personal life on social media. However, this time, the singer preferred to send an official statement explaining what happened through her press office. According to the artist, the employee asked to be fired.

“She clarifies that she was woken up with punches on the door of her room, ran to open the door and found her employees beating each other. Lexa asked them to stop beating each other and, when helping both, one of them asked to be fired”, explains the statement.

In the note, Lexa, who recently commented on her alleged participation in the “BBB”, also explains that she guaranteed the employee’s labor rights.

“In addition, he takes the opportunity to inform you that all documentation has been duly signed and digitally registered. All payments provided for by law have been made and there are no outstanding financial labor disputes. Both fought at home and this is unacceptable. Respect is fundamental. “, ends the note.

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