Lexa receives sexist attack when sharing photo of look for show

Through her social networks, the singer Lexa countered a sexist comment she received from a man after she shared a sexy look she chose for a show in Santa Catarina last weekend. The funkeira didn’t let it go and made a point of answering the internet user who criticized her.

For the performance, the artist opted for a body full of cutouts and pantyhose in the “fishnet” style, where she appears prancing her butt for the moment of the click.

“Do you have to go almost naked to the show? For what?” said the user in the photo comment section. When Lexa got the message, she soon showed that she wouldn’t let it go and replied: “The body is mine and because I want it”.

The image also surprised some fans of the artist, as she stated that she has gained weight in recent times. “60 kg… that’s why I have more butt, more legs and everything else. Because I gained weight, my people! I live this accordion effect”, said the wife of MC guime.

Photo: Playback / Instagram

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