Letta do something, go back to the left!

by Carlo Schettino

Read, do something sinister.

The Democratic Party tries in every way to pick up political professionals from all the small parties and from the branches of ex-exiles and all kinds of alignments for the sole purpose of making mass. This “Ammuina” (Neapolitan term for confusion, ed) has the sole purpose of hindering, if possible, the potential affirmation of the center right by Giorgia Meloni. Center-left politics is committing yet another mistakethat is, to focus on those who “habitually” sat on the benches, instead of producing political projects e clear schedulessimilar to the needs of politics and above all “useful” for the future of the country.

The electoral wall, the distance between civil society and politics, absenteeism from the polls are the real problems to be faced. In this moment, never like today, decent peoplethose who work and raise their children in the hope of a better tomorrow, await an idea, a project around which to unite and share. A project of true change, a shock wave like the feeling that “tangentopoli” developed.

That people there is and it is among us, I am one of them. There are millions who have dreamed of seeing that wall fall, of seeing change the logic and to finally see clean air enter the building. Those people want to listen to real programs, not slogans, they want to commit themselves in the first person during their life and not just to be tapped for a vote, finally wants to see the determination and the decision against the colluded and corrupt system and against the lobbies of the exploiters, against the inertia of the controllers. He wants to see that justice is applied and that profit is not the only way, he wants stop supplying arms to Ukraine but he wants the war to end and he wants a serious negotiation commitment, not to be NATO’s dog.

He wants us to start with the elimination of fossil sources and the authorization of renewables, he wants public water and the beaches of the state property, he wants nature at the center and new economic projects circular and digitization, he wants everyone to have a decent home and that the state gives citizenship to the children of immigrants. She wants gender equality and a new role for women in this country, she wants investments that facilitate rail passenger transport from north to south, better schools and that they train their children in both mind and body and keep them in a proactive environment until their return from work, keeping them off the streets. He wants a healthcare in which one does not have to wait months for an analysis and which has the best opportunities and the best doctors and nurses, a fight against octopus of the mafias real and without quarter, which allows people to live and not suffocate.

What do you say there may be some idea on what and how to make a program? Instead, the icing on the cake is your affirmation to go to convince the voters disappointed with the center-right to vote for the center-left. I am ignorant and I admit that I do not understand anything about politics, even less of this, but I would like to tell you only three things:

1) Why don’t you start talking to leftists (the real ones who don’t have properties in Santa Margherita Ligure) and don’t ask yourself what they really expect what does a hypothetical center-left government do?

2) Why don’t you ask former center-left voters what they would like us to do, in what fields to intervene, how to proceed and how serious recover a huge amount of votes that you have lost and keep on losing?

3) Forget all yesterday’s exiles (Renzi, Calenda, Di Maio): they are just looking for a roof because they know that they would not pass the scrutiny of the voters, and then they are all right-wing and liberal. Above all, forget the former center-right voters, because Salvini told you that anyone who changes shirts does not like anyone, except you.

In short, Letta, go back to the left, c … 0!

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