"let’s dance"-Tour: Stage decoration falls on Kathrin Menzinger

Kathrin Menzinger (34) proves her professionalism! She is part of Let’s Dance, a dance show that celebrated its 15th success this summer. As in previous years, the show is now touring through Germany to personally present to the fans what the stars have learned while dancing in just a few weeks. During the last broadcast on Sunday, however, there was an incident – stage equipment fell from the ceiling Catherine down.

During the live show in the Olympiahalle in Munich, the ceiling equipment was apparently not optimally secured. In the middle of the dance, a black net fell on the 34-year-old’s body and almost completely covered her. Although she already had a lot to carry with her angel wings, she reacted quickly, got rid of the web and moved on. It was probably an advantage that she has been in the dance business for several years and can no longer be upset by an event like this.

However, this incident did not go unnoticed. Some viewers realized that this situation was not planned. “That was definitely not part of the program. But the dancers next to her reacted with lightning speed and freed her from the cloth”a 15-year-old eyewitness commented picture.

Kathrin Menzinger in April 2019 in Erkrath
Kathrin Menzinger and René Casselly, “Let’s Dance” winners 2022

Instagram / kathrin_menzinger

Kathrin Menzinger, dancer

How do you think Kathrin mastered the situation?

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