Letícia Cazarré shows her youngest daughter in the hospital and talks about faith: “Life is special”

Married to actor Juliano Cazarré, biologist Letícia Cazarré told on Instagram that she had to go back to the hospital to take care of the health of her youngest daughter, Maria Guilhermina, 5 months old, and she took the opportunity to talk about faith and selfishness.

On the social network, she shared photos of the little one, who was born on June 21 of this year. The little girl was diagnosed with Ebstein’s anomaly, a rare heart condition, and has had four surgeries since then:

“Have you ever stopped to think how much people complain? I meditated on this just now, how many times I remember moments like complaining about going to the internship and arriving at the Child Oncology sector and seeing the children watching the cars outside. Some said they wanted to ride a plane, others that they wanted to go outside to play ball, and others just that they wanted to go home well”, he began.

Letícia Cazarré showed her youngest daughter at the hospital – Photo: Reproduction/ [email protected]

Letícia added: “How many times have I returned home with a broken heart because I felt very selfish in the face of everything that God had given me that day. I learned a lot by looking at children like this, in the depths of these eyes divine teachings are hidden, ”she continued.

“Thank you Jesus for reminding me once again that life is very special, that in this world we will have pain, we will cry, but that the Lord will never abandon us!”, he concluded.

Return home after 5 months

In a recent post, Letícia celebrated the fact that she was able to return home for the first time after spending five months in the hospital taking care of Maria Guilhermina.

The biologist celebrated on Instagram: “Five months without stepping foot here. Four days at home. Good time to organize everything that was outstanding in the last five months that I was away”, she said.

In the post, she thanked her husband: “A husband who takes such good care of our four children, the house, the garden, organizes the books and even has a tapestry of my late grandfathers from Rio Grande do Sul, grandpa Argus and grandma Lourdes, renovated and hung”, completed.

In addition to Maria Guilhermina, the couple also has Vicente, 12 years old, Inácio, 9 years old, Gaspar, 3 years old, and Maria Madalena, 1 year old.

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