Letícia Cazarré reflects after her daughter spends a month in the ICU: "I never imagined going through this"

Through her Instagram, the stylist and journalist Letícia Cazarré posted this Friday (7/22) to vent about the troubled first month of Maria Guilherminaher youngest daughter with the actor Juliano Cazarre. Maria was born with a rare heart disease, Ebstein’s Anomaly, and even underwent surgery in a hospital in São Paulo. The little girl remains in the hospital for observation.

“One month in the hospital. One month! Most of it, inside a neonatal ICU. I never imagined going through this. However, here I am. Or rather, we are. Maria Guilhermina has been my company, my north, my greatest example. It was she, not me, who took the brunt of this journey. A little newcomer to life and immediately taken from her parents’ arms to the operating room. Her chest was ripped open and her heart fixed. Instead of going back to me, was held in a mechanical crib, full of wires, whistles and pipes connected directly to her fragile little body”, Letícia began in the caption of her post.

She continues, detailing some tense moments when finding out about Maria’s condition: “When we saw her for the second time, her appearance was already quite different. Swollen, sedated, fighting for her life. What can a mother do when she sees her daughter like this? But to kneel down and pray? Ask God to protect her, heal her and lessen her suffering. And then stand by her side, which is what she deserves”.

The stylist also vented about having to reconcile motherhood with the other four children she has with Juliano. “Meanwhile, the other four children stayed away from my eyes and arms. A distance that I couldn’t even imagine, but that life invited me to face, out of love. A divided heart, but dilated! call to motherhood is radical, a divine vocation on earth, and for this reason, it cannot be answered in half. It is necessary to give yourself body and soul. Be willing to love and suffer in the same measure, because there is no love without sacrifice Today, more than ever, I can say with São Paulo: love suffers everything, believes everything, hopes everything, supports everything”, he concluded.

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