“Let the parties demonstrate their commitment to peace”. Motion of the 5 Star Movement in the Chamber on November 29th

The 5 Star Movement today filed a motion with first signature Joseph Conte who once again asks the Government to come to the Chamber to explain to Parliament and discuss with all the political forces the strategy to pursue in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, in order to promote initiatives that see our country as interpreter and protagonist of a new phase of negotiations to stop the military escalation. The Conference of Group Leaders, announces the 5 Star Movement, “accepted our request, scheduling for Tuesday 29 November discussion of the motion.

“It is good that there is finally a date and that Parliament, the place for discussion and discussion par excellence, is called to pronounce itself on such a challenging issue given the phase we are living in”, commented Giuseppe Conte, adding that “it will be an opportunity to all political forces to demonstrate its own real effort in favor of a real path of negotiation and peace”.

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