Lesson Plan: We explain the end of the Netflix movie

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The recent release of Netflix that is in the third position in the top 10 of streaming in Brazil, Plano de Aula, is one of the outstanding action films of the month of November.

“A former police officer goes to work at a high school to investigate the gang he believes is responsible for the death of his best friend,” states the official synopsis of the film.

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The film’s cast includes Piotr Witkowski, Marcin Bosak, Pascal Fischer, Zuzanna Galewicz, among other names. Daniel Markowicz directed the feature, with the screenplay by Daniel Bernardi.

We explain the ending of the new Netflix movie, Lesson Plan, which involves a lot of action in a school; check below.

What is the story of the film?

The feature film begins with police officer Damian Nowicki working undercover as a drug dealer to apprehend a crime boss.

However, he is caught and attacked, and with his identity revealed, the crime boss ends up killing Damian’s wife. In turn, the character resorted to alcoholism and leaves the police.

However, his best friend, Szymon Makowiecki, ends up discovering the presence of drug trafficking at the school where he works, but Damian does not agree to help his friend, even after a student dies.

The gang ends up killing Szymon as he investigates, and the group ends up framing the former teacher as a drug dealer.

Damian ends up getting angry and decides to take the position of history teacher at the school. His objective is to avenge his friend and clear his name, in addition to defeating the gang.

At school, Damian meets with principal Leszek Zamoyski, who is revealed to have hired a security agency, led by a man named Chmielski.

The ex-policeman starts to get to know the school, and almost gets into a fight with the student Jaro and his gang. Chmielski arrives in time to appease the two.

Damian is also reminded that Szymon’s son Kamil is also in his class, but has not appeared at school since his father’s death.

During a class, Damian introduces himself to the students in his class, but has a small argument with a boy named Frogface, who left the school three years ago but continues to bother the place.

Frogface is asked to leave the school, and even threatens the vice principal. Some students even slash Damian’s car tires, and after taking a ride with a classmate, he notices the vice principal being attacked by Frogface. Damian defends her, while Frogface flees and leaves his henchmen at the scene.

the first twist

Frogface is held captive by Jaro. It is revealed that Chmielski and his security guards are the people who run the drugs, and Jaro’s gang works for them.

The security guard ends up beating up Frogface for almost getting caught at school. He suspects that Damian is not who he claims to be, as he easily defended the Deputy Director against Frogface’s henchmen.

A video of Damian fighting ends up spreading around the school, piquing the interest of its students. Kamil, son of Szymon, ends up showing up in the classroom, with Damian and him having a conversation about the death of the former teacher.

Meanwhile, the school’s vice principal, Agata, has fallen in love with Damian since he saved her life. However, after they leave, Damian remembers his wife who died. He leaves, leaving Agata apparently unsatisfied.

What happens at the end of the movie?

After Kamil and his friends lose to Jaro’s gang, Damian teaches them self-defense. The new teacher’s class band together and help him build a makeshift dojo so they can practice martial arts.

After Damian is attacked by masked men, he manages to win the fight, and after looking at their faces the next day, he realizes that Chmielski’s men attacked him.

Jaro comes up with a plan to defeat Damian. He reveals that Emilia, one of her students, could be a target. She used to be a drug user, and after threatening to kill her father, she ends up reporting Damian for sexual abuse.

Damian’s reputation ended up going down the drain, and everyone distances himself from the character, even Kamil and Agata.

He explains himself to Agata, but it ends up not working out. However, he manages to get the school keys to break into the chemistry lab, after discovering that the drugs were made at the school.

Damian discovers that Stefan, a chemistry teacher, was producing the drugs, and was loading a company truck.

The former police officer manages to take some photos of the operation, but because his cell phone is broken, he cannot easily capture the evidence. Trying to clear his name, he meets with Principal Zamoyski and the Vice Principal and reveals what he has discovered, but neither believe them.

After that, Agata, the vice principal, visits Emilia and finds out about the truth. Afterwards, she visits Damian to apologize, and he is against everything about his past life.

Agata reveals that she will help him with the investigation, and both team up. They discover that the school’s security camera video has been edited, and the two confront Stefan.

The chemistry teacher says she was working after being threatened, as the gang threatened her family. Moments later, Chmielski arrives at the scene and kills Stefan.

The next day, Stefan’s closet is emptied, as well as Damian’s. Agata finds a diary with instructions on where the drugs are kept.

Emilia appears and meets with Principal Zamoyski, and reveals that she had to lie about the sexual abuse, thus clearing Damian. The students also apologize to the former police officer at the dojo, but things take a turn for the worse and Emilia is admitted to the hospital after being injured.

Damian and Agata break into the warehouse and are shocked to discover that the leader of the drug cartel is the school principal himself, which explains Emilia’s injury.

The director tells Chmielski and Jaro to kill them both, but Kamil appears to help him. A fight ensues, and Damian ends up defeating his opponents, until the police arrive and arrest all the drug dealers.

Lesson Plan is available at Netflix🇧🇷

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