Leslie Grace spoke out after the cancellation of Batgirl

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Following the news of the Batgirl movie’s cancellation and Warner Bros.’s response to that decision, it was Leslie Grace’s turn to speak.

Leslie Grace
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The decision of the executives Warner Bros. to cancel the movie batgirlwhich was already well advanced in its production, surprised the entire Hollywood film industry, especially since this cost the studio the loss of some 90 million dollars in addition to wasting all the work that the professionals of that project had put into the project. DC Extended Universe.

Warner Bros. He released a press release in which he spoke of “a new strategy” for the properties of DC Extended Universe and also noted “incredibly talented” What is it Leslie Gracethe main actress of the project that was directed until its cancellation by the duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, responsible for bad boys 3. In this context there was room for a response from Barbara Gordon’s interpreter.

+ Leslie Grace’s response


“Dear family! On the heels of the recent Batgirl news, I am proud of the love, hard work and intent that all of our incredible cast and tireless crew put into this film over 7 months in Scotland. I feel blessed to have worked among greats and built lifelong relationships in the process! To all the Batgirl fans: thank you for the love and trust, allowing me to take up the cape and become, as Babs put it best, ‘my own fucking hero!'”Grace expressed on her social media.

The truth is that the cancellation of batgirl It also responds to purely financial reasons where the study responsible for the project will save the losses of the period prior to the merger. Warner/Discovery with decisions like the one that affected the film of DC Extended Universe that it is not big enough to reach the cinema but it is not a film that can be released directly in streaming.

There is also the argument that mentions how the test functions of batgirl they were a complete failure although these versions have opposite answers where there are also media that say that the tape would not have had such a negative reception. The latter is unverifiable for now, but we can assume that the studio did not trust the possibilities of the film to stand out in the cinema or hbo max.

Leslie Grace He demonstrated his human quality from a statement in which he expressed his admiration for both his castmates and the crew of batgirla film that although it was not as expected as other DC projects, was already generating certain sources of interest such as everything that is associated with Batman. The young actress will have new opportunities to shine in the Hollywood film industry despite this sad setback.

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