Leslie Grace appears as the ‘Batgirl’ in the first official image

The filming of the ‘Batgirl‘ are underway in Glasgow, Scotland, and the production has gained its first official image.

Leslie Grace appears as the protagonist.

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In addition, a fan page dedicated to news about the adaptation released an interesting behind-the-scenes image.

The image shows magazines suspended on a wooden panel and one of them has references to the movie ‘Batman vs Superman‘.

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The cover shows the silhouette of Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) behind bars and the caption indicates that your sentence is in the hands of your lawyer.

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“A reference from ‘Batman vs Superman‘no set of #Batgirl! The Gotham Tattler magazine makes mention of Lex Luther’s Capitol Hill bombing.”

Whereas Batman from Michael Keaton will appear in the movie, the notion that BvS events still exist in some form is quite curious.

Bearing in mind that, in addition to Grace, the iconic actor Brendan Fraser (‘The Mummy’, ‘Doom Patrol’) will be antagonist Firefley (Firefly).

For those who don’t know, Firefly made his comic book debut in Detective Comics #184, in June 1952, and was reimagined decades later as a sociopathic pyromaniac with an obsessive compulsion to start fires.

In addition, he is also equipped with a suit that carries a heavy arsenal of firearms, including flamethrowers, grenades, napalm and smoke bombs, as well as a super-heated plasma blade for close combat.

J.K. Simmons (Commissioner James Gordon) and Jacob Scipio (role undisclosed) will also be part of the production.

Still without a premiere date, the adaptation won its first concept image during the DC FanDome.

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Previously, Grace revealed a little about the plot of the film.

“Barbara is someone who was underestimated even by her own father. And as the youngest daughter, you are sometimes isolated from all the difficult things in life, so she is eager to prove to herself and everyone that there are some things she can handle on her own.”

She continued, comparing herself to the character:

“In the research I’ve been doing for pre-production, I’ve learned a lot of things about Barbara that connect me to her. I really identified with her because this is only my second job as an actress and I feel like I’m on a journey to prove to myself what barriers I can break, what limits I can push through and I’m excited to embody all that anxiety, stubbornness and determination that make up Barbara’s character.”

Finally, she commented on her reaction to finding out she was cast.

“Oh man! It was a shock, it was crazy. I auditioned and it was mind-blowing, but deep down you never expect it. I found out via Zoom, because the people in charge had a surprise and all. I thought I would do one more test and it’s still mind-blowing to think about. They made me read an email and it said: ‘I’m Batgirl’. I was just shaking, not understanding what was happening. It was beautiful and this role will be a blessing in my career.”

More details were not revealed.

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