Leonor of Spain: find out why her pendant with an inscription in Arabic is so much talked about!

The smallest acts and gestures of Leonor of Spain are scrutinized by the most loyal admirers of the Spanish royal family. While last month, sacred burns on his body worried the whole of Spain, it is today a pendant which is at the heart of the controversy. Currently vacationing with her family in Majorca, the little family visited the island’s monastery on 1er last August. White dress, heeled espadrilles and the famous pendant around the neck for the look of the 16-year-old girl. In gold, the pendant of the heiress to the throne has an inscription in Arabic and some have managed to translate the word “love”. From there, the rumors started. Leonor of Spain is said to be in love with a boy she met while studying at a boarding school in Wales. The lucky winner would have even been presented to the parents of Leonor, Felipe IV and Letizia.

Leonor, the little darling of Felipe IV

In any case, the king would have a small preference for Leonor. As a reminder, she is Sofia’s big sister. It’s a video that has gone viral on Tiktok which shows that the dad is showing favoritism. During a televised speech given by the king in 2017 on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, one of the two teenagers particularly made the king smile. That day, the girls watched their father’s speech from another room, along with their mother Queen Letizia of Spain. After the recording, they both came to tenderly greet their father who asked them not to kiss him so as not to damage his makeup, so they kissed him in the air around him. In the video, we then see Felipe shaking his heiress’s hand in his own, while his youngest child watches the gesture with envy. Chain ABC reported that at the end, he reviewed the recording with his daughter Leonor, whom he hugged around the waist, in the absence of Sofia…

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