Leonardo reveals that only "he knew" his wife, Poliana Rocha, during the pandemic

During an interview for the podcast “Podcats“, commanded by Camila Loures e Virginia Fonseca, the singer Leonardo and your wife, Poliana Rocha, commented on various subjects, such as Poliana’s work, the wedding, the return of the shows in person, the pandemic and even how the couple met. “We met inside a church, can you believe it?”, commented the journalist, who has been married to the singer since 1995. “I’m religious,” commented the countryman.

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“I had never gone to his concert. My mother had never let him go to a concert. And then Leonardo was the best man at the wedding of a cousin of mine who married a man from Goiás. And I remember that the girl who was with him was such a beautiful brunette, right, love?”, questioned Poliana, who was mocked by her husband. “I don’t know, I don’t remember her.” “And I went to the wedding like this… I was on the street playing dodgeball and my mother said: ‘today you’re going to a wedding, I’m going to take you to do some makeup, hair’ and she took me. But the hairdresser made a bun big guy and heavy makeup and I didn’t like it. I got home and took it off, I went with my hair wet to church, no makeup. I arrived at the wedding late and when I arrived he was ‘butuca’ on me”, said the countryman’s wife .

During the interview, Poliana also commented that she and her husband have totally different personalities. “We are the opposite,” said the influencer. Leonardo completed the answer after being congratulated by the presenters for the 25 years of marriage: “Congratulations, no. You have to offer your condolences. Whoever overcame this pandemic married, has to put a statue on the door of the house. His wife. Because it was f**k, animal ! I have a 38-year career and I have never spent two years with Poliana. I met her now, in this pandemic. She is the best person I have ever met in my life,” he said, praising Poliana.

Poliana also says that at the time she met the singer, she didn’t like the country style of his songs. “I liked the Slight” she said. “But I was blond, blue-eyed, 75 pounds. Wherever I ironed the spark came out. I used to chip it”, joked Leonardo.

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