Leonardo posts a photo with Leandro on the 24th anniversary of the singer’s death: “Saudade that hurts”

the sertanejo Leonardo58, took to Instagram to remember the 24th anniversary of his brother’s death, Leandro 一 who died at the age of 36, on June 23, 1998, after battling a rare cancer in the chest region.

On the social network, the singer posted a photo of the two together and said that he thinks about his brother and stage partner “every day”:

“24 years of missing you, my brother Leandro! There isn’t a single day that I don’t think about you. I love you. Longing that hurts,” he captioned.

The post caused a commotion and touched many of Leandro’s followers, who also left their feelings: “Eternal in our hearts”, commented a fan. “I didn’t learn to say goodbye,” wrote another. “He is there with you,” posted another.

Niece also honored

Leandro’s niece, the influencer Jessica Beatriz Costa He also took to social media to honor his uncle. On Instagram, she posted an image of the singer and declared:

“24 years of longing. My love, respect and admiration are eternal! Just like the one in Brazil, which to this day sings and cries with his departure”, she began.

Jessica added: “I’m sure if you were here you would be very proud of the beautiful family you’ve built and would be beaming with happiness seeing your grandchildren, so beautiful. Your legacy and family are very special. Thank you for leaving each of these treasures to us,” she added.

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