Leonardo Favio: Tommy Real and Rolando Laserie are the contestants to beat

Cesar Fula

This morning in the study of Tu Mañana was Leonard Favio participant and twice in the first consecutive place of the Mega Show “Yo Me Lamo” to give us a summary of yesterday’s Show.

“One comes across as harder, because one criticizes oneself, since it is not the same to have an armed script than to be still in a presentation because it is totally different”, expressed Leonardo.

The participant emphasizes that in this type of contest it is important to stay at a level because every week the participants go out to give it, since everyone wants to win and continue in the competition.

The Don Juan

When asked if there is someone (female) within the contest that catches his attention, the interpreter coquettishly replies that at the moment there is no one, one thing is to praise beauty and another is to court, Leonardo mentioned.

contestant to Overcome

For Leonardo Favio the contestants to win within the program are his companions Tommy Royal and Rolando Laserie, since they are very good participants in what they do and, he believes that they are the strongest to be in the final of Yo Me Llamo.

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