Leonardo Dicaprio at the heart of a controversy, internet users are furious

Leonardo Dicaprio

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Leonardo Dicaprio is currently at the heart of a controversy on social networks. And in this article, we explain why.

At the moment, Leonardo Dicaprio is talking about him for his performance in “Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial”, one of the last films to be released on Netflix. And on the French platform, it is ranked number 4 of the Top 10! But for the past few hours, the famous actor has been making the buzz for something else entirely … And for once, it’s far from being positive! As it turns out, photos of him, sunbathing on a yacht, have appeared in the press. So far, nothing crazy … The problem is that Leonardo Dicaprio is the United Nations Ambassador for Climate Change. And recently, he called global warming a “most urgent threat facing our entire species”. Obviously, this is not too compatible with a vacation on a luxury yacht!

The little stroll of Leonardo Dicaprio and his girlfriend, actress Camila Morrone, in the Caribbean, has therefore been highly commented on by Internet users. It must be said that this superyacht, which belongs to a Swiss billionaire, produces as much carbon as a car in a year! Besides, for information, to fill your fuel tank, you have to pay 300,000 euros … Just that! So for internet users, the one that was revealed in Titanic is a “eco-hypocrite”.

Leonardo Dicaprio gets lynched by internet users

Among the many comments that were posted on social networks, we could read: “All the same … Do what I say and not what I do (…) Yes but its carbon footprint is canceled thanks to advertising for the electric Fiat 500! Lol (…) I loved Leo as a teenager, but since then, I’ve opened my eyes to these celebrities who love to pretend to be activists for causes like ecology. But in the end, it’s always just wind. A way of being able to live like the elites and to have a beautiful image of pub “. Leonardo Dicaprio will he react to these criticisms and explain himself on this trip at sea which goes against his principles? It’s a new business to follow …

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