Leo Fariña, ex Karina Jelinek, married, and in the networks they did not forgive her look: the photos

Leo Farina had his jump to popularity and the media since he began his romance with Karina Jelinek. One of the highest points of the relationship that came to an end in 2013 was the marriage that took place two years earlier. But nevertheless, the businessman decided to bet on love again and was the protagonist of a ceremony on Friday afternoon.

After a year of dating, Farina married Camila Rosales. This time, unlike what happened with the model, it was a low profile event, although that did not prevent certain luxuries. The intimate celebration he held was for 70 years at the Four Seasons Hotel, although What caught the attention on social networks was the look he chose to say yes.

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Angel of Brito He announced the ceremony through his Twitter account and included four photos. In all of them, Jelinek’s ex could be seen wearing a white shirt under his blue suit. Like strawberry for dessert, the businessman chose to place himself in a cap at his bedside, a very common look on him since he got out of prison.

“I leave it to your discretion. Wedding with Fariña cap”, wrote the driver of “The Angels of the Morning” for the outfit that Fariña chose. It should be remembered that the couple met a year ago through a mutual friend they had and soon decided to go for more.

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