Lens Kessler has lost his dog and cancels book tour: ‘I’m completely devastated’

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»See you again my beautiful lovely Turbo Torben. You did not even turn 4 years old, but we had 2 1/2 amazing years together. Your little hit body could no longer. “

This is how reality star Linse Kessler writes, who had her heart broken on Saturday after her dog had to be killed as a result of a collision.

“I’m completely devastated, my heart is broken, and now Uncle Benni and I are about to land,” the 55-year-old TV personality wrote, referring to his other dog, Uncle Bennie.

Linse Kessler is so upset after the loss of Turbo Torben that she has chosen to cancel the book tour, which she would otherwise go on with her friend, Didde.

Instead, Didde takes the three cities alone, writes Linse Kessler.

Turbo Torben was a Greek street dog that Linse Kessler picked up from an aid organization in Greece two years ago.

And the white dog managed to make a big impression on its owner:

“You have let me read you, and taught me so many things about behavior and consideration, my white angel, I love you, and we miss you already,” writes Linse Kessler.

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Several celebrities sympathize with Linse’s loss.

»Oh no, Torben! but lucky him to find you the last 2 1/2 years !, «writes the dancer Silas Holst followed by two hearts.

And TV host Lene Beier is ready with a virtual hug:

“You gave him a wonderful dog life in the years you got together. Love and hugs to you, “she writes.

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