Lenny Tavárez, Juhn and Lunay tell of their experience in the remix of "Her" by Boza

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Lenny Tavarez, Juhn and Lunay; artists who were part of the success of “ Her Remix “, they told their experiences in the realization of this song, their opinion of who” she “is and how was the approach with Boza. Currently the remix has almost 39 million views on YouTube.

Lenny Tavárez says that working with Boza is special because he is an artist who is on the rise very strongly. Think that the song “Ella” produces a rejoicing in the ears of the people, since you listen to it and you can not stop doing it. He added that to give another touch to the remix, they added humorous parts that distinguish them, “highlight how incredible she is, she is the life of the party, that she is in her moment; they can treat her like this or that but I’m going to be there for her, because she is the girl of the moment “She says that she joined together with BCA to write verses and add the” wordiness “of the streets of Panama. He remembers that he met Boza in the lobby of his apartment in Miami and that through Dímelo Flow he found out that Boza wanted to remix her and from there he wanted to be part of the song.

Juhn, who had already worked with Lenny Tavárez in other productions, was the first time he had worked with Boza and Lunay, who he thinks are currently “breaking” him. Consider that it was a mixture of seniority with those of now. Juhn says that he met boza in the Dominican Republic at the Heat Awards (where Boza won the “Revelation Artist” award) and there they “clicked” and contacted Faster and everything was quick to be able to collaborate together.

Lunay says that the experience was fun and that it was a pleasure to be part of the success of “Ella remix”. He mentions that his work team was the one who was in charge of starting conversations with Boza’s and that when they told him the proposal, he said yes to one because it is a subject that he likes a lot. Recently Lunay in Mexico, made all the fans sing the song during his concert.

Boza, Lunay, Lenny Tavárez, Juhn, Beéle – Ella (Remix – Behind the Scenes)

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