Léna Situations embarrassed by a remark by Laurent Delahousse: this uneasy sequence which made Internet users react!

Sunday November 20, in “8:30 p.m. on Sunday” on France 2, Laurent Delahousse received three artists with very different backgrounds. The journalist had notably invited Angèle on the occasion of the reissue of her latest album “Nonante-five la suite” and her next tour, Lena Mahfouf, alias Léna Situations: the first French influencer and is followed by millions of subscribers on the social networks, but also Amélie Nothomb, the successful writer has just published a new novel “The Book of Sisters” (Albin Michel).

In order to present the three young women and in particular the influencer, Alice Taglioni’s companion began to list all the covers made by the young woman since her rise to fame thanks to social networks. “Amélie Nothomb, look, you didn’t know Léna, here are publications, articles, portraits in The New York Times, Forbes, Vanity Fair, Les Echos. We can see the importance that these social networks have taken“, he launched, causing the obvious embarrassment of Léna Mahfouf.

Internet users wonder about the grimaces of Léna Situations

The young woman then grimaced many times in front of the portrait of her made by Laurent Delahousse. A discomfort that has not escaped internet users. “Laurent Delahousse uneasy takes the lead from Léna Situations with her shitty questions”, “PTDRRRRRRR Léna’s grimace Situations with Delahousse’s pathetic questions”, “She only thought of the reactions” the TV which despises youtubers“ptdrr”, “I still can’t understand why she’s blowing, she’s disgusted that part of France doesn’t know her?”, “when she realizes that she has to explain that she’s making money ‘money by brewing emptiness’commented viewers on Twitter.



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