Léna (Les Princes) victim of an attempted assault, she posts a disturbing story

The Princes and Princesses of Love 5

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Léna, candidate of the Princes and Princesses of love 5 would have been the victim of an attempted attack. We tell you more about this case, which is far from being an isolated case.

In the last episode of Princes and Princesses of love 5, Léna and Adrien exchanged their first kiss. A beautiful scene that contrasts with what we will talk about in this article, which also concerns the candidate. On the evening of January 13, the latter went out clubbing with friends and posted videos of her evening. She looked like she was having a good time until she posted a much less fun story, which she wrote in “They put something in the glass for me, friends … Pay attention to you … I’m waiting for friends to come and get me.” Then nothing for hours. A very disturbing announcement which is only the reflection of a frightening reality that many women undergo.

The next day, the princess took to her social media to explain what had happened. Following the many messages of concern she received, the latter explained that she knew that a substance had been put in her glass when she began to see the club spinning in her head. “Beyond the fact that the box was turning completely in my head, I couldn’t stand in fact, I had a lot of trouble standing. Suddenly I told myself that there was something that was wrong”. As she specifies later, she does not remember much. Fortunately, she was not alone.

GHB, a scourge raging in Europe

This story that Léna told us is the story of many women. If the GHB, also called drug of the rapist, has always existed, there is an upsurge in the cases of young girls who swallow this kind of product without their knowledge. Because yes, there are malicious people who pour them into the glass when their back is turned. In the United Kingdom, many are campaigning to feel safe in the evening when faced with a new danger: injection assault. It is certainly important to be careful, but it is essential to insist that the victims have nothing to do with it and that this kind of attack does not depend on their vigilance. Balance_ton_bar-paris is an Instagram account that shares many testimonials from people who have had similar experiences. We advise you to go for a walk!

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