Lena Gercke: She stages her baby bump so sexy

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Lena Gercke: Is this the last baby belly picture before birth? +++ Sasha’s son celebrates his 4th birthday +++ Sarah Engels is appalled by Pietro Lombardi’s sex statement.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

November 18, 2022

Lena Gercke shares a photo of the baby bump shoot

Lena Gercke is looking forward to her second child with Dustin Schöne, 37. It shouldn’t be long before the birth and so the model may now share a last baby bump photo of herself before she can hold the little bundle of joy in her arms. “We did it again. Baby bump shoot number 2,” Lena writes about the picture and links photographer Lina Tesch. The photo shows the 34-year-old in profile in front of an orange background, she artistically stages her baby bump with a black one-piece suit with ribbons.

Her fans and followers react enthusiastically to the recording. “What a beautiful, aesthetic picture,” writes a user underneath. Another analyzed: “Great picture! The stomach is already pretty deep – now we can start.” Partner Dustin, on the other hand, doesn’t need words to express his feelings. He just sends three flame emojis to his loved one.

Sasha publishes new snapshot of his son

In 2018, Sasha, 50, became a father for the first time and thrived in his new role from the start. The singer reveals little about his private life, but every now and then fans can catch a glimpse of his family life. It was now his son’s birthday for the fourth time, which he celebrated with touching words on Instagram.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY Otto, my son. It’s amazing that you’ve been filling our lives for 4 years. At the same time, it feels like it always has, but it also feels like yesterday,” writes the pop star about two cute father-son shots that he takes with one declaration of love to his child. “I love you more than anything, my little superhero!!!” Sasha enthuses in his post. But his wife Julia also mentions Sasha. “We did it pretty well, love you too,” he dedicates loving words to his loved one.

Pietro Lombardi’s sex statement about Alessio: This is how Sarah reacts

Pietro Lombardi, 30, causes a stir! This time, however, the focus is not on his relationship with Laura Maria Rypa, 26, but on his role as a father. In his podcast “Laura and Pietro – ON OFF” the singer recently revealed how proud he would be if his son had sex for the first time at the age of 13.

For ex-wife Sarah Engels, 30, mother of Alessio, 7, an unreasonable statement. Nevertheless, she holds back with a detailed statement. On Instagram, however, she emphasizes on behalf of her husband Julian, 29: “However, due to our duty of care, we would like to make it clear that we as a family clearly distance ourselves from such statements and strive for a different conveyance of values.”

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Pietro’s fiancée Laura, who will soon be the mother of a son for the first time, also rates her lover’s words as inappropriate. “I don’t think it’s nice when our son comes home with someone else every day!” She clarifies.

Pietro Lombardi

November 17, 2022

Cloud Hegenbarth shares photos from the past

In 2019, the life of Wolke Hegenbarth, 42, changed fundamentally: the actress became a mother for the first time. A “borderline experience”, as she revealed in an interview with “Bunte”. Son Avi will remain an only child because the couple “does not dare to have another child”, the 42-year-old recently revealed in an interview with “Spiegel”. The happiness in the family seems all the greater, and the moment when the parents-to-be found out about the pregnancy is all the more important.

The “Alles Klara” actress now publishes two couple photos with a special background on Instagram. “Our first photo as parents,” Wolke Hegenbarth writes about the photos showing the couple in evening wear in Sydney. “One hour earlier we had learned of Avis’ existence via 2 blue stripes,” explains the 42-year-old. And adds: “It was exciting!! And a pretty spectacular end of the year at the end of the world!”

November 16, 2022

Michael Ballack poses with new girlfriend and Robbie Williams

On Wednesday evening, November 15, ex-national player Michael Ballack, 46, could admire pop star Robbie Williams, 48, up close. In black tails and with an orchestra, the “Angels” interpreter performed his hits in Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie. The former professional footballer then shared shots from the third row in his Instagram story.

But not only that! Michael Ballack also had the honor of personally greeting Williams backstage. On Robbie’s other side: his girlfriend. In the black partner look, the three beam into the camera. A memorable evening that the native of Görlitz will probably not soon forget.

Lena Gercke: She stages her baby bump so sexy

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Sarah Engels shares chat history from the moment her water broke

On December 2nd, 2021 little Solea saw the light of day. The birth was announced at a rather inconvenient moment, as Sarah Engels, 30, already revealed on Instagram. She was getting her pedicure when her water broke. Now the singer also shares the chat history with husband Julian Engels, 29, from that moment.

The screenshot that the 30-year-old published in her Instagram story reads that Sarah wanted currywurst for dinner. Just a few seconds later, she suddenly wrote to her lover: “Honey oh my God. My amniotic sac. Quick. Honey man. Get in touch. [sic]Julian himself only gave a surprised “Honest??” before his heavily pregnant wife turned back to the really important things. “Bring rolls with you or something,” was her answer, which she can only laugh about today. “Just like me 5 minutes before it burst all I could think about was food and even after that it was my only concern [sic]”, she comments on the funny chat history.

Thomas Gottschalk and Roman in a father-son conversation

Thomas Gottschalk’s, 72, separation from his longtime wife Thea came as a surprise to many fans in 2019. The couple ended their relationship after 42 years of marriage. Three years later, Thomas Gottschalk and Roman, 40, meet for a father-son talk with “Bunte” and take a deep look. How did Roman feel about his parents’ separation?

“In the beginning, of course, it was a hammer. My brother and I had to deal with this situation first,” explains Thomas’ eldest in an interview. In no case did he want to stand in his father’s way with his new love Karina Mroß, 59. Finally, he also sees that his father is happy and “the two go well together.” The entertainer also first carefully informed the two boys about the situation during a visit to a restaurant together. “It was a long and difficult conversation, for which I am grateful to my father,” emphasizes Roman. Today he visits his mother more often than before. The relationship with his father had become more friendly.

November 15, 2022

Sophia Thomalla shares children’s photos

Sophia Thomalla, 33, reminisces about her childhood. While the presenter usually shows herself in tight outfits and lascivious poses, two pictures now adorn her Instagram account, which make her followers ecstatic. “The good old days,” she writes about the two recordings. While the first one shows her as a cute little brat in a floral dress and with a pink XXL peaked cap, the second one shows her on her mother’s arm.

“My baby,” comments Simone Thomalla, 57, with various red hearts under her daughter’s post. But one detail in particular immediately catches the eye of the other users. “It’s amazing how similar you look to your mom,” says Riccardo Simonetti, 29. Many other fans of the 33-year-old also agree. “This resemblance, amazing” or “Your mom just looks like you today” they write under the cute mother-daughter photo.

Anna Wilken: “The excitement is always the same”

Anna Wilken, 26, has been taking her followers with her on her way to having her own child for years. It turns out to be a real roller coaster ride of emotions. Now the model gives another update on her fertility treatment. Without make-up, in a hospital gown and with access on her arm, Anna shows up in the clinic and describes her emotional state.

“Everything went well with the puncture! Today was my 10th follicle puncture and the excitement is always the same. Unfortunately, the pain is now getting more and more intense, which is why I am diligently resting at home [sic]”, reveals the 26-year-old. “10 egg cells could be obtained, of which 5 egg cells are mature and have a very good quality. I am very thankful for these 5!!! The fighters went directly to insemination today at noon, we are doing an ICSI [intracytoplasmatische Spermieninjektion, Anm. d. Red.]. According to the doctor, the ICSI itself went very well,” says Anna. Now it’s time to be patient and “send all good thoughts to the little fighters”. How many egg cells have been fertilized, she finds out the next day Light my candle tonight, maybe you’ll do it for us too,” she concludes. Of course, her around 500,000 followers don’t need to be told twice.

November 14, 2022

Can Heidi Klum imagine another child?

Heidi Klum, 49, and Tom Kaulitz, 33, experience what other families would call patchwork happiness. The GNTM juror brought four children into the relationship. The musician took on the father role relatively quickly. Leni, 18, Henry, 17, Johan, 15, and Lou, 13 welcomed their stepfather with open arms. With so much harmony, is there a desire for another child? Heidi Klum has now spoken about this in the USA.

In an interview with “The US Sun”, the 49-year-old admitted that she has not yet finished planning children. “I mean, wanting it and actually being able to do it are always two different things,” Heidi made clear and also spoke about her age. “The 50 is just around the corner. And the older you get, the more difficult it becomes,” she assured. “But would I want it? Sometimes I think so,” said the surprising words of the mother of four.

Lina and Joshua Kimmich enjoy a walk together

Lina, 31, and Joshua Kimmich, 27, have been in a happy relationship for nine years and even said yes this summer. In April of this year, their third child together crowned their love. However, the national player and his sweetheart keep their relationship and private life largely out of the public eye. Only very rarely do the two share snapshots together. Now Lina makes a big exception.

In her Instagram story, the law graduate publishes a cute couple picture with rarity value. It shows her in a black jacket, sunglasses and hat arm in arm with Joshua, who is wearing a hoodie and a yellow winter jacket, in nature. Both smile happily at the camera. Your approximately 48,000 followers will certainly be very happy about this private recording.

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