Lena Gercke: Is that Lena’s last selfie with Dustin Schöne before birth?

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Lena Gercke shares a couple selfie with an XXL baby ball +++ Gülcan Kamps made a fan’s baby question food for thought +++ Carlo von Tiedemann reports on “vital surgery”.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

November 24, 2022

Lena Gercke: Is this your last selfie before birth?

It won’t be long before Lena Gercke, 34, can finally hold her second child in her arms. On Instagram, she shares a selfie in her Instagram story, which she shows with an XXL baby bump alongside her partner Dustin Schöne, 37. “He loves my Christmas filters,” she writes about the photo with her loved one, whose head is adorned with virtual reindeer antlers. Lena herself smiles happily into the cell phone camera, she has wrapped her baby ball in a cream-colored knit sweater and a light-colored coat.

The birth of the little bundle of joy should be imminent, after all, the 34-year-old shares another picture in her story, which shows her doing cardiotocography, i.e. on the contraction recorder.

© instagram.com/lenagercke

November 23, 2022

Gülcan Kamps: “Next time twins”? That’s what she thinks about having more children

In December 2021 she announced her great happiness: Gülcan Kamps, 40, informed her followers of the birth of her first child. A small miracle that she had to wait a long time for. For five years she had previously tried to become a mother. She even thought of various alternative options. “What were the options: adoption, foster child, surrogacy…?” she recalls in her book “Never give up – trust yourself.” But then her greatest wish was fulfilled and she gave birth to her child healthy and happy.

Her fans want to know from her more and more often whether she would like to become a mom again. “Yes, I want to,” Gülcan recently answered the urgent question. “And what if it’s going to be twins next time?” A mommy from her community then asked, the moderator reports in a comment on a radiant photo of herself. “My answer: I would thank the universe,” said the 40-year-old year olds. “Life is with a child [ist] already a (wonderful) challenge and would definitely be so (challenging) nice with 3 kids [sic].” Fingers crossed, she adds. No sooner said than done!

Carlo von Tiedemann reports on “vital surgery”

Carlo von Tiedemann, 79, looks at the moment as if he had been beaten. He has one black eye and a six-inch scar on the presenter’s head. What happened? In an interview with “Bild”, Tiedemann revealed that he had to undergo a major operation. “The top of my skull was opened in the hospital, a titanium grid was almost completely removed and then everything was closed again.”

He explained the circumstances: “Almost 30 years ago I had a large bone tumor on the right temporal bone. Professor Rainer Schmelzle had removed a bone from my pelvis and reinstalled it in my head.” The television man found clear words for his condition: “It was a matter of life and death. I was in the hospital for four months.” Tiedemann implanted a titanium grid for stabilization, which now came loose, giving the TV star a severe headache. In another operation, three quarters of the grid were removed and Carlo von Tiedemann is doing well again. Luckily!

November 22, 2022

Karoline Herfurth gave Kate Winslet a basket

“Fack ju Göhte” star Karoline Herfurth, 38, is one of the best-known actors in Germany, but can also report on an embarrassing celebrity encounter. In Barbara Schöneberger’s, 48, podcast “With the waffles of a woman”, the native of East Berlin recently revealed that she once turned down an invitation from Hollywood star Kate Winslet, 47. Who knows, maybe it would have been THE jump into the international film business that colleague Daniel Brühl, 44, has now made.

But Herfurth had a pretty good reason for rejection. “Once Kate Winslet asked me if we wanted to go out for a drink and I had a bladder infection and just thought: alcohol and bladder infection, that’s not possible. So I answered: ‘No, sorry I have a bladder inflammation. ‘No sorry I have a bladder infection’.'” Words she still regrets. “I really banged my head against the wall how can I be so stupid not to have a drink with Kate Winslet” , Karoline is annoyed, although she might not have had much to say because of her excitement, the actress jokes around: “I just want to listen, I want to sit next to her, I want to breathe her scent – ​​I’m a stalker” – maybe one day got hold of an international role…

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

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Nazan Eckes’ youngest is 6

Nazan Eckes, 46, is sacred to her private life. This became clearer than ever shortly after the separation from her husband Julian Khol, 42. Because the presenter kept to herself for two years that she and Julian are no longer a couple. And the privacy of her children is also very important to the passionate mother. The 46-year-old actually keeps her family out of the public eye as much as possible. For the sixth birthday of her son Ilyas, however, the TV celebrity made an exception and opened her private photo album.

“My little ninja turns six today,” writes Nazan Eckes about the cake that is waiting for the birthday boy. In the next snapshot she cuddles her youngest. In the photo of the twosome, she skilfully covers the little one’s face with a sticker. And son Ilyas is never fully visible in the rest of the snapshots in the photo series either. Family is the most important thing for Nazan!

Lena Gercke: last selfie with Dustin Schöne before birth?

© instagram.com/nazaneckes

Lena Gercke: last selfie with Dustin Schöne before birth?

© instagram.com/nazaneckes

November 21, 2022

Cathy Hummels: Throwback photo shows unexpected pregnancy

For Cathy Hummels, 34, son Ludwig, 4, is the greatest! His birth made the happiness of the presenter complete. But apparently a little time passed before the wife of soccer star Mats Hummels, 33, realized that a new life was growing in her, as a new post on Instagram reveals: “Looking at old pictures together with Ludwig. With this one I had to laugh for a number of reasons,” she wrote in a throwback photo shared with dancer and choreographer Nikeata Thompson, 42.

She explains in a few points why she is amused by the memory: “1. : I was already 3 months pregnant at the time. But I didn’t know it and was wondering why my belt always burst open or no longer closed. 2. I then stuck it on because I was craving chicken nuggets with ketchup beforehand.I’m actually vegan and white sugar-free [sinc]”She lets her fans know and admits with a laughing emoji: “I didn’t understand the world anymore.” But then her charming TV colleague apparently caused the distraction of the still ignorant pregnant woman: “Then Nikeata Thompson came and I did gave her a big kiss. She is just adorable…I just had to kiss her. It was our first encounter.” A loving addendum to her most beautiful life message should not be missing: “My belly during pregnancy was the most beautiful because the love of my life lived in it.” Little Ludwig apparently has that with his mom Drawn without luck.

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