Lena Gercke + Dustin Schöne: Lena Gercke and Dustin Schöne will soon say yes?

Lena Gercke + Dustin Schöne
Getting married this year?

Lena Gercke and Dustin Schoene

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Lena Gercke and Dustin Schöne have been a couple since April 2019. The birth of their daughter Zoe in July 2020 crowned the happiness of the two. Is there a wedding coming up soon? According to Lena’s Instagram story, it could even be this year…

Lena Gercke, 33, and Dustin Schöne, 36, have been enjoying their love and, above all, family life for almost three years. The model regularly provides insights into everyday life with her loved one and their daughter Zoe, inspiring her almost three million followers on Instagram. There she also shared a short video that gives fans of the couple hope for a wedding.

Lena Gercke: “In 2022 I will marry someone”

In the short clip, the 33-year-old films herself playing an Instagram game. A speech bubble above her head reads: “In 2022 I will…” Then numerous answer options run through until a meaningful prediction stops. The game stops with the words “marry someone” of all things and the astonishment of the Berliner by choice can be clearly seen.

Lena Gercke plays a game with an unexpected result in her Instagram story.

Lena Gercke plays a game with an unexpected result in her Instagram story.

© instagram.com/lenagercke

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So that her loved one also knows what is apparently coming up this year, she links him to the Instagram story. “And then that happened between meetings @dustin_schoene,” she writes. Will the 36-year-old see this as a hint with the fence post and will he soon make an application to his daughter’s mother?

Lena Gercke is setting big goals for 2022

After all, Lena had set big goals for the new year. “My resolution for this year is to think less, do more. Dare more, let the constant weighing (typically Pisces!) of decisions be, lose fears and live more!”, She recently wrote in response to a fan question according to their wishes for 2022. “I feel like I know more than ever what I want and even if I don’t, I enjoy the ignorance and just let some things take their course.”

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