Leila Bekhti strikes a pose in a 2000s look, she’s really SU-BLIME

Of Algerian origin, Leila Bekhti has many strengths. In her latest Instagram post, she looks better than ever. Her tanned complexion and her dark brown curly hair, with a vintage look, make her really resplendent. Its retro square is truly breathtakingly beautiful. It is the hairstylist Anne Bochon who made this hairstyle. The parting in the middle is clearly visible and the curls are very well drawn. While at the level of the roots her hair is plastered on her head. It’s been many years now that Leila Bekhti adopted the bob cut, which she declined each time in different ways. Always more astonishing every day, she surprised more than one this time. In addition, she has a clean make-up that does not stifle her face, but on the contrary opens her eyes. The focus is on her eyes which are breathtaking. She had fun posing in an apartment in a 2000s look.

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She wears a navy blue t-shirt, bare at the shoulders, and puffed on the arms. The actress also dons very chic black pants and wears heels on her feet. Over 60,000 people like his post. As usual, she is a hit on social networks. Suffice to say that the comments of Internet users are very numerous. We can read “Olalalala too too beautiful”, another individual comments: “Not the words” while a following publishes: “So beautiful. “One person completely melts in front of the star’s look, writing:” The hairstyle and the shoes! On the other hand, the cuisine, frankly, we give up. ”It is true that this is not the ideal place to take beautiful photos, but when you are one of the favorite personalities of the French, it does not matter where the ‘we are, we will still wreak havoc, Leila Bekhti knows it well …


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