Leila Bekhti: her husband Tahar Rahim as you have never seen him, this video published on Instagram which surprises

The years pass, but their love remains intact. Indeed, happiness is part of the daily life of Leïla Bekhti and Tahar Rahim, happy parents of three adorable children. But this happiness, the two actors share it very rarely on their social networks. It is rare to see them accomplices in the pictures or videos posted but when they do, they prove that nothing can separate them.

And certainly not their children. However, some might have thought that the arrival of a baby plays on the couple’s relationship. Just like doing the same job. However, there is no jealousy between them. The lovebirds have even played several times in the same projects, including, recently, The Eddy on netflix. About the possible jealousy that could reign in the couple, Tahar Rahim was reassuring in the columns of Madame Figaro.

The future Salt Bae?

“I saw it in others, but with Leïla, we were protected by our destinies: we had great roles quickly and at the same time, without one of the two being outdone”reassures the actor before adding: “It’s even an advantage to do the same job: the love and sincerity that bind us allow us to be very fair spectators to each other. And we always encourage each other. Jealousy is not not in our DNA”.

No jealousy in their relationship but on the other hand, a lot of humor as evidenced by the last post of Leïla Bekhti on Instagram. The actress who still made the buzz after her stint in The torch, posted a hilarious video of his companion doing the same gestures as Salt Bae. The famous Dubai restaurateur who sprinkles his dishes with salt in a strange way. And the least we can say is that the resemblance is striking!

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