Legislative: purchasing power remains the number 1 priority of the French

The presidential campaign is over, the legislative elections are approaching but the concerns of the French people have not changed. Purchasing power unquestionably remains the number one priority for the French. Among a list of 24 themes that will count the most in their choice of vote in the first round of the legislative elections, the French place purchasing power very far ahead: 58% cite it at the national level and even 61% in Occitanie.

The return of inflation, the rise in prices affecting many common food products (oil, coffee, mustard, etc.) and fuels are sources of concern for the future. Inflation should thus burden the purchasing power of households, INSEE expecting a drop of 1.5% in the first quarter, then 0.5% in the second.

“The hardest part is ahead of us” according to Bruno Le Maire

“The hardest part is ahead of us”, also warned last week the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, considering that “new inflation is the first subject of economic concern” currently. Even before the appointment of the next government, Bercy is also preparing the aid measures promised by Emmanuel Macron, such as a food check, aid for people who use their car a lot to work, or even increases in retirement pensions, the salary of civil servants and social minima.

The second theme that will count as the vote of the French is health. The Covid crisis is not over and still occupies people’s minds. Health is mentioned by 38% of the French and 37% of the inhabitants of Occitanie.

The third subject of concern is that of pensions. Since Emmanuel Macron – the only head of state not to have reformed pensions – indicated that he wanted to push back the legal retirement age from 62 to 65, then 64 in between rounds, concern prevails among many employees.

Who would be most effective in terms of social policy?

Finally, the Harris poll discusses the confidence placed in certain political parties to make good proposals to the National Assembly in the area of ​​social policy.

Toluna Interactive Harris Poll

“No political formation has a majority level of confidence on this issue. It should be noted, however, that the RN is the first political formation in which the inhabitants of Occitanie declare having confidence in matters of social policy (36%, i.e. a level similar to that measured among all French people: 35%) with Europe Écologie Les Greens (36% against 31% at the national level), ahead of France Insoumise (34% against 31% at the national level) and the presidential majority (30% against 35% at the national level)”, notes Harris.

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