Legislative in the Gard: Michel Sala and Jean-Marie Launay in the running for a new chapter on the 5th

The Nupes candidate advocates a return to normal; that of the RN says he has every chance.

The first round of the legislative elections marks, in the 5th district of Gard, the return of the left to the outposts. Even the history of the territory. “It makes sense that she is on the left again, especially since I represent the union of the left. I am aware of that”, declares Michel Sala, the candidate of Nupes, who came out on top on Sunday evening. He then turns his attention to the mandate which is coming to an end, placed under the sign of the macronie, and sees in it “an accident, because it was done on a political ambiguity”.

The one which, according to him, boasted a “neither left nor right” and had carried a former socialist converted to LREM, Olivier Gaillard. “There, we find our markscontinues the mayor of Saint-Félix-de-Pallières, for whom this return to the sources is accompanied by a new political offer from the left, which we need in this period. An offer that would respond to a democratic crisis, the decline in purchasing power, etc.

On the sidelines of a plummeting of the presidential majority candidate (32.76% in 2017, for 15,620 votes, against 21.16% on Sunday, 10,399 votes) the Nupes was able to concentrate the main left forces mobilized there five years (13.01% for LFI, 9.47% for the PCF, 5.75% for the PS and 4.21% for EELV), for, by improving the score of this coalition by a thousand votes, reach, in the first round, 33.48% (16,451 votes).

Michel Sala (in the center), the evening of the first round.

The RN is gaining muscle

But the far right is also gaining weight. As proof, while the FN candidate of five years ago, Daniela De Vido, won 19% of the votes cast (9,057 votes) and already qualified for the second round, the RN Jean-Marie Launay finds herself , for this second round of voting, against Michel Sala, with his 23.57%.

This is a significant increase for the Lepenist party which has won, in the 5th constituency, in five years, more than 2,500 votes (9,057 votes in 2017, against 11,582 this weekend). “It is not a surprisesays the candidate of the National Rally. We saw it during the presidential election: the issues we raise correspond to what people experience on a daily basis. They are real.”

And don’t tell Jean-Marie Launay that the 5th, worker and mining, is exclusively left-wing. “Workers and workers also constitute our electorate. In their rural constituency, they are also confronted with waves of immigration, which they did not see until then”he explains.

Both want to go fishing for votes. The RN is eyeing the side of the 3,834 voters of Léa Boyer (LR) and the 1,918 of Frédérique Bozec (Reconquest!) and calls on their “responsibility towards Mélenchon”. He also reaches out to abstainers (read opposite), convinced that“We have every chance. If the voters are going to vote, we have already won.” Michel Sala also does not lose sight of the abstainers: “The question torments us! We must mobilize them. We will try to do a lot of door-to-door…” He is even already turning to the post-second round, when the elected Nupes will sit in the National Assembly: “On the left, we have a duty to succeed.”

From Gaillard to Daufès-Roux, a complex relay

He was a deputy for four years; she, his deputy, took over a year ago, after he left LREM and opted for the town hall of Sauve. Olivier Gaillard and Catherine Daufès-Roux (beaten, with 21.16%) draw the same observation: the score of the candidate of the macronie corresponds, on the 5th, to the results of the last presidential elections.

“I am even doing better than Macron. I am satisfied that the voters have recognized my commitment, with sincerity, my soul and my faith”loose the outgoing deputy, who says to herself “disappointed for the territory”who must now choose between “a parachuted RN” and “another who embodies the far left”.

His defeat, according to him, is not the result of a lack of “visibility”, but a rejection of executive policy. Olivier Gaillard sees things differently. “In 2017, my location helped mehe said, while, according to him, his ex-substitute could not, in a year, enjoy such an asset. You cannot establish yourself in Paris and, at the same time, trudge on the constituency.”

Participation on the rise!

The national trend was, on the evening of this first round, to a drop in participation. However, on this point, the 5th district of Gard could serve as an exception. Admittedly, abstention remains substantial, but while it was 55.71% during the first round of the 2017 legislative elections, this Sunday evening, it fell to 48.85%.

In terms of votes cast, the gain, in five years, is 12,535 votes (36,605 votes against 49,140), even though the number of registered voters has not progressed so much, going from 95,845, there is half a decade old, at 98,493 currently. “We were able to mobilize more”, analyzes Michel Sala who, like his opponent from the RN, will flirt with the abstainers until this Friday evening.

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