Legislative in the Gard: abstainers and Ribot voters in the sights of Meurin and Bord on the 4th

Who will benefit from vote carryover and abstention? RN and Nupes will fight.

With 30.56% of the votes cast on the evening of the first round, Pierre Meurin, and more broadly the National Rally, swept a navy blue wave over the Cévennes. Despite a quite relative anchorage, in the far east of the fourth constituency, the 32-year-old salesman has won his bet: he comes out on top and will be on waivers against Arnaud Bord, the Nupes candidate.

The former Zemmourist achieves his highest scores on the Spiripontain (39.49% in Pont-Saint-Esprit). He also conquered the territories between the south of Alès (Saint-Hilaire-de-Brethmas, Méjannes, Deaux) and the upper cantons of Nîmes. It prevails, finally, on historically communist lands (Rousson, read elsewhere) or related (Saint-Julien-les-Rosiers, Salindres).

“The fight is not overhe assures, aware of the opportunity offered to him. Coming in first is a very positive result. But voters must remobilize so as not to waste this historic opportunity. I invite Mr. Ribot’s voters to vote for me. I am the candidate for economic, security and rural reason. Mr. Bord and Nupes, it is the bloc of disorder, the explosion of taxation, delinquency and Islamo-leftism.

Will Pierre Meurin (RN) maintain his lead over Arnaud Bord?

Philippe Ribot’s “ni-ni”

The challenge of this in-between round will clearly be that of the transfer of votes. On this subject, the intentions of Philippe Ribot, the defeated candidate (21.58%) despite the investiture of the presidential majority, will be closely observed. “I have never been a strong supporter of voting guidelineshe reacted on Sunday evening. Our fellow citizens hate it. They only have instructions. Either way, these elections are totally disconnected from the local.”

Without instructions, what will be the choice of the voters of the presidential majority? If Arnaud Bord (26.58%) had seen just before the first round, declaring that his opponent would be the National Rally, he does not have the answer to this question. Be that as it may, the candidate Nupes intends to campaign among the abstainers (51.65%) by the second round. But the first federal secretary of the PS has trouble understanding Philippe Ribot’s “ni-ni”.

“My political family has always assumed its responsibilities in this context, he said. We are humanists.” Arnaud Bord wants to believe that his socialist membership will allow him to break away from the Insoumise label embodied by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “Positioning myself on the far left is political politicsregrets the candidate, also an adviser to Alès Agglo with Philippe Ribot, whom he claims to know well. We are colleagues on the board of Agglo and I don’t think I have a reputation for being irresponsible. I already work for the territory to this day. Voters must understand that they are faced with a choice of life in the second round: the RN with the rejection of the other, the Nupes with the desire to change the lives of all.

Ghislain Chassary: ​​”A fear of downgrading”

In a commune with communist roots where the mayor (PCF) Ghislain Chassary has been elected since 2014, Pierre Meurin (RN) comes first in the first round (34.32%). “It’s difficult for me”recognizes the elected official, who tries to explain the rise of the RN vote in the Cévennes. “We are not on a membership vote, but on a protest vote. I have experienced two periods at the RN: that of the racist, extremist vote and fear of the other; and that of today , on our peri-urban lands, where people are afraid of social downgrading, the disappearance of public services… There is a fed up. We are forgotten.”

The mayor of Rousson says “try” to provide the services it lacks in its community. “But as soon as you move away from the urban, it comes to that.” Ghislain Chassary, Arnaud Bord’s supporter, nevertheless says “trust intelligence” in the second round. “The electorate has cleaned up Macronism. Now another election is starting.”

Jean-Pierre De Faria beaten in Saint-Ambroix

Jean-Pierre De Faria, candidate without label supported by Max Roustan (“the best label in the world”), achieved 3.65% in the first round on Sunday. A modest score for the one who, for a time, thought of obtaining the LR-UDI nomination on the 4th circo. Where the result is messy is in the town where the candidate is himself mayor.

In his “stronghold” of Saint-Ambroix, Jean-Pierre De Faria only comes in second position (25.80%, 324 votes) behind the RN candidate, Pierre Meurin (28.66%, 360 votes). “The RN exists in Saint-Ambroix, tempers De Faria. It’s not a bad surprise. The voters voted useful. It’s not a win, but it’s not a loss either.”

The elected official thanks his voters for their confidence and will bring his voice to the “republican candidate”, Arnaud Bord.

This Tuesday, and until Friday, Midi Libre participates, with Objectif Gard and Radio Grille Ouverte, in a live “Legislative” program at 12:30 p.m. on RGO (88.2). The first candidate to be interviewed will be Arnaud Bord, this Tuesday. Report to read in your Midi Libre Alès Cévennes edition on Wednesday.

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