Legislative: in the 7th district, it will be an RN-Nupes clash in the second round

Few voice reserves on both sides. The two qualified for the second round, Aurélien Lopez-Liguori and Gabriel Blasco will have to fight to convince. In particular the voters of the outgoing deputy, representing the presidential majority, whom they eliminated in the first round.

Aurélien Lopez-Liguori crushed the first round of the election in the 7th constituency. The candidate of the National Rally, elected from the opposition in Sète, went well ahead of his competitors thanks to his score in Agde, where he is approaching 38% and takes several thousand votes ahead of his pursuers. He thus finished with 31.01% and 16,079 votes over the entire constituency.

He will face in the second round the departmental councilor Gabriel Blasco (PC-Nupes), largely in the lead in his city of Sète and in Pézenas, but finishes at 4801 votes behind his opponent RN. He received 21.75% of the vote for a total of 11,278 votes.

The first, 29, who had gathered his supporters in a Sète restaurant, chose the path of humility when his score was announced: “Yes, it’s a victory, we are in the second round, but no triumphalism. Another fight begins against the forces of the ultra-left and the communists here in Sète”.

Gabriel Blasco and his substitute, joyful during the results.
Noon Free – Florent Roussel

Another story about the permanence of the second; 35 years : “Let’s be proud of the work accomplished”he launched, once it was certain that he had qualified for the second round. “We must continue to fight against fatalism, give voters their rightful place. You can count on us”he launched in front of his supporters.

The two camps, whose direct vote reports will not necessarily be decisive. They can indeed count on Reconquest, which achieves 5.75% on the far right and left on the PS with 6.57%, Julie Garcin-Saudo having already indicated that she would call to vote Nupes. The two finalists are therefore preparing for a very committed between-round campaign. They will have to convince outside their camps to win.

Euzet, the outgoing, out in the first round

In this context, the postponement of the votes of the voters of the third, Christophe Euzet (Agir-Ensemble), could be decisive. But the latter announced on Sunday June 12, noting the results, refusing to choose between “two extremes”. He does not give voting instructions to his 10,031 voters.

The reactions of Christophe Euzet and François Commeinhes

The reaction of Christophe Euzet, third and eliminated: “We invested for five years to try to stem the RN but nothing helped. We may invest, bring university training to Sète, an MRI in Agde, getting involved in rurality, in winegrowers when they face climate problems. We try to get the message across but, obviously, it’s not getting across. I’m going to go back to my university life and continue to study everything this to try to find the ways that will allow us, in the future, to continue to be able to live together, to sail in this common boat that is our country.

The reaction of François Commeinhes, mayor of Sète: “As in previous elections locally, the few voters who turned out chose for the second round to leave the representatives of the extremes face to face. Representatives of the extremes who feed economic and social problems, but do not provide any serious solution to address them, even threatening to make them worse through their purely protest postures and illusory and dangerous programs. I congratulate Yves Michel and Blandine Authié, authentic elected officials in the field, driven by passion of the territory, for the local campaign that they led without unfortunately it bearing fruit at the ballot box, both the lack of interest in this campaign and a vote disconnected from the territorial anchorage made them not very audible. Everyone will vote next Sunday in his soul and conscience. For my part, it is impossible for my voice to be focused on one of the 2 dangerous pitfalls which meet on so many points.”

As for his defeat (19.35% for 10,031 votes), everything seemed to announce it. The polls confirmed it. The outgoing deputy, member of the presidential majority, saw his potential score devoured by the candidacy of the mayor of Marseillan, Yves Michel (various right). The latter (10.28% and 5328 votes, which will also weigh heavily between the two rounds) was supported by the mayors of the two largest cities in the constituency, Sète and Agde. It must be said that the outgoing was accused by some of the elected officials of the territory and activists in the March of having been absent. He had found himself isolated, having to fight to keep the investiture.

Despite a campaign where it has multiplied over the 22 municipalities, Mr. Euzet is overwhelmed by the new dynamic on the left embodied by Nupes and by a RN in clear progress compared to 2017. Their two candidates also representing a renewal in generational terms . But like their elders, they will have to play tight, too, to win on June 19, with abstention, already huge on Sunday, with 51.45%.

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