Legislative in France: “If we are in the majority (…) we will have to submit or resign”, launches Mélenchon

“If we are in the majority (…) well, we will have to submit or resign”, launched Jean-Luc Mélenchon in Marseille, during his last speech before the first round of the legislative elections on Sunday, for more than a year. hour of speech.

Using the expression of Republican deputy Léon Gambetta when addressing Marshal Mac-Mahon (President of the Republic from 1873 to 1879), the rebellious leader recalled that “in all the countries of the world, the leader of the coalition is appointed majority”.

“If we are in the majority, then the candidate has a name: Jean-Luc Mélenchon”, he hammered. “We hope that we will be in the lead. I think we are in the lead, I say no more.

“President Mitterrand appointed the president of the majority coalition (…) Jacques Chirac (…) and the same when Chirac appointed Lionel Jospin, and Lionel Jospin was able to carry out his policy”, indicated the one who hopes to win during these legislative elections, the “third round” of the presidential elections according to its terms for the left-wing coalition Nupes (LFI-PS-EELV-PCF).

In his deputy office in Marseille, near the Saint-Charles station, Jean-Luc Mélenchon came to support all the Nupes candidates one last time, with a certain emotion: “I came to close the campaign with you, it’s the last time I will address you as MP for the constituency,” he said from the podium.

He dubbed Manuel Bompard, candidate for his succession, announcing however that “it is not a general or municipal councilor that you will elect, it is the substitute for Bompard that you will have as a deputy because Bompard, he will be a minister”.

Like the last few weeks during which the left-wing candidate and the executive have multiplied indirect debates, Jean-Luc Mélenchon returned to the death of a young woman killed by police in Paris: “I said + the police kill+ because you are unable to hear a message if you don’t force the line”.

The outgoing deputy from Marseille sent a message “to the Republican police officers”: “it is we who are going to restore the prestige of the uniform that you wear, the relationship that you must have with the French”.

Mr. Mélenchon assured that he wanted to put an end to the police “who throw tear gas on poor people who wanted to get on buses (…) who carry out facies checks on the same people”.

The polls give the Nupes and the presidential majority neck and neck, with abstention as the arbiter. It could reach a new record, between 52 and 56%, beyond the 51.3% of June 11, 2017.

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