Legislative elections: Who is this prince who decided to support Eric Zemmour?

After having gathered 7% of the votes during the first round of the 2022 presidential election, Éric Zemmour is now devoting himself to the next legislative elections…

And for good reason, the Reconquest party (founded by itself) announced that it would present by less than 550 candidates, including “176 from the Republicans, 159 from the National Rally [et] 215 of civil society”, specified the far-right formation…

Colossal figures to which a famous name has just been added… On Tuesday May 10, 2022, via his social networks, a renowned prince announced that he was the new member of Éric Zemmour’s clan… This is Prince Amaury of Bourbon-Parma!

A descendant of Louis XIV

This descendant of the Capetians and of Louis XIV, decided to join the Reconquest party and to run in the second constituency of Orne (61).

“This candidacy is proof of our Princes’ love for France. Their involvement in all urban or rural areas. This desire to go out there, he wrote via a post shared on his Facebook page.

In February 2022, the 30-year-old had already shown his support for Éric Zemmour in the presidential election. During an interview with Valeurs Actuelles alongside his father, the latter said: “I think that Zemmour is bringing back to the table subjects that we couldn’t talk about until now. It liberates languages, it liberates speech. »

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Lisa Ziane

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