Legislative change planned: King Charles replaces Andrew and Harry as representatives

planned change in law
King Charles replaces Andrew and Harry as representatives

Princes Andrew and Harry no longer perform official duties for the royal family. Despite this, both are still deputies to the British monarch. King Charles now wants to replace his brother and son as representatives and apparently already has favorites for the post.

The British King Charles III. has taken the first step in replacing his brother Andrew and son Prince Harry from their roles as potential head of state representatives. Both no longer perform any official duties for the royal family. However, because of their rank in the line of succession, they are still two of the five Counselors of State to the British monarch under current rules.

Charles is proposing to make his sister Princess Anne and youngest brother Prince Edward Counselors of State, the highest official in the royal household, Lord Andrew Parker of Minsmere, told the House of Lords. This is to “ensure that public affairs are attended to when I am unavailable, such as when performing official duties abroad,” the King’s letter read by Lord Parker said.

The King’s representation when traveling abroad or in the event of a serious illness is regulated by law in Great Britain and can only be changed by the consent of Parliament. So far, it has been envisaged that the monarch can be represented by his partner, king consort Camilla, as well as the four highest-ranking royals in the line of succession who are over the age of 21 at the same time. These are currently heir to the throne Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew and his daughter Princess Beatrice.

It is now feared that a situation could arise in which Andrew would have an official role. The second eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September, is no longer considered socially acceptable because of his involvement in the abuse scandal surrounding the late US multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein. According to reports, a corresponding amendment to the law will be passed later this year.

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