Legislative 2022: "To the sound of cannon"the editorial by Jean-Michel Servant

A few days before the second round of the legislative elections, discover the editorial by Jean-Michel Servant, deputy editor-in-chief of Midi Libre.

Fire at will ! Boosted by their score in the first round of the legislative elections, the Nupes executives have been firing red balls since Sunday evening against Macronie. Starting with Jean-Luc Mélenchon who does not miss an opportunity to vociferate against the Head of State to give the impression that “the boat is sinking”. That the Élysée is on the verge of “chaos”. After claiming victory without waiting for the official results, the leader of the new left goes on shocking sentences to make believe that the government is wavering. He raises the specter of social VAT, denounces “the hacks” of the elections, compares Emmanuel Macron’s speech on the tarmac at Orly to “a Trump sketch”. As during the search of his apartment in 2018, our new Robespierre uses the bulldozer technique to break down the door of power. For Nupes, the capture of the National Assembly will be like that of the Bastille. To the sound of cannon.

Jean-Michel Servant is deputy editor-in-chief at Midi Libre.

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