Legislative 2022: in Lozère, Sandrine Descaves ahead of Pierre Morel-à-l’Huissier in the second round

The Nupes candidate won 25.41% of the votes cast. It is in favorable ballot before the outgoing MP Pierre Morel-à-l’Huissier. The beaten mayor of Mende is 400 votes behind.

Sandrine Descaves is the big winner of this first round of the legislative election in Lozère. The candidate of the New Popular and Social Union (Nupes) won this election by collecting 8,637 votes, or 25.41% of the votes cast.

She managed the feat of beating outgoing UDI deputy Pierre Morel-à-l’Huissier, who obtained 6,371 votes on his behalf, or 18.47% of the votes cast. While behind the duo qualified for the second round, Laurent Suau is the big winner of this election.

With 5,996 votes, 400 less than the right-wing parliamentarian, the mayor of Mende, who claimed to be part of the presidential majority, won 17.64% of the vote. While the candidate Les Républicains Patrice Saint-Léger won 4,663 votes, or 13.72% of the votes cast.

In the big cities of the department, the candidate supported by all the forces of the left very often came first in this first round. In Florac-Trois-Rivières of course, where she counted 47.01% of the votes cast, already in front of the outgoing deputy. But also in Langogne or Marvejols, where she beat Laurent Suau.

In Mende, the candidate for the presidential majority of course won this election, but with just over 200 votes over his opponent.

The deputy ensures the essential

The results of the city prefecture suggested a second round Descaves-Suau, and therefore an elimination from the first round of the outgoing deputy. Because even in Saint-Chély-d’Apcher, he was preceded by the mayor of Mende. But in the end, Pierre Morel-à-l’Huissier ensured the essential, to appear in the second round, next Sunday, of this legislative Lozère.

It should also be noted that this Sunday, June 12, Jean-François Pardigon, the candidate of the National Rally, came in fifth position, with 3,704 votes (10.90%). He is followed by Christophe Castan, the representative of Jean Lassalle in Lozère, with 6.01% of the votes cast. Just ahead of Nicolas Pougnet, of Reconquête!, who won 3.35% of the vote.

Francis Palombi, the candidate without a label, who five years ago represented La République en Marche, obtained only 766 votes. Perhaps the ones that Laurent Suau missed to qualify…

The representative of the Animalist Party won 339 votes, the representative of Lutte Ouvrière 267. The Cevennes market gardener Dja Zidoun brought up the rear, with only 67 small votes.

Finally, abstention in Lozère stands at 41.63%, against a record rate of 52.80% nationally. 33,989 Lozériens thus moved this Sunday, for a first round which will have reserved some surprises.

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