Legislative 2022: how to know the candidates in your constituency?

By Cécile D., Graziella L. Posted Jun 12, 2022 11:16 AM

The first round of the legislative elections takes place this Sunday, June 12 in metropolitan France. How do you find out which candidates are running in your constituency? We take stock.

In France, the legislative elections allow citizens to elect their deputies, those who vote the lawsNational Assembly. 577 seats are to be filled in the Assembly: the elected members sit for five years and are chosen by the citizens to represent a constituency.

This Sunday, June 12, 2022, the French are again called to the polls to elect these deputies. As with the presidential election, professions of faith must be distributed to all households, so that voters can know the political program of the various candidates, and make a decision based on these electoral promises. However, these documents do not arrive in all mailboxes, or arrive too late.

How do you know, then, who are the candidates in your constituency? Which people and political groups can represent your municipality?

The government is proposing a interactive map to discover the candidates of your constituency. All you have to do is select the department where you live (or the one where you vote), and click on your constituency number. A table then appears with the names of candidatesthe name of the party they are affiliated with, and their program policy in pdf version.

But how do you know your constituency number, you ask? L’National Assembly has also developed an interactive map. Click on your department, and, with the tip of your mouse, hover over the numbered zones. In each area, the city ​​names attached to this constituency appear. Find your city, the number of the zone to which it belongs is therefore that of your constituency. This map also allows you to see who is the current MP for your area.

Last element to fully understand all the information given by these sites: the political parties legislative candidates are presented in the form of shades. The names of the parties are shortened. Here is a list of terms used and their meanings:

  • DXG: Miscellaneous Far Left
  • RDG: Radical Left Party
  • NUP: New popular ecological and social union
  • DVG: Miscellaneous Left
  • ECO: Ecologists
  • IVD: Miscellaneous
  • REG: Regionalist
  • ENS: Together! (Presidential Majority)
  • DVC: Various center
  • UDI: Union of Democrats and Independents
  • LR: The Republicans
  • DVD: Miscellaneous Right
  • DSV: Sovereign Right
  • REC: Reconquest!
  • RN: National Rally
  • DXD: Miscellaneous extreme right

Need more information on these elections and their conduct? Here’s a guide to help you find it:
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What are legislative elections for? How are they going? Find out everything you need to know about these major elections which will take place seven weeks after the presidential election, on June 12 and 19, 2022.
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