Legislative 2022: "Disaster scenario on the horizon"Olivier Biscaye’s editorial

Olivier Biscaye, editorial director of Midi Libre, talks about the post-election first round of the legislative elections of June 12, 2022.

From the Macron tsunami in 2017 to Mélenchon’s winning poker in 2022. Two first rounds five years apart, two tones to illustrate a shared France, even more fragmented than ever. A France that turns its back on one to throw itself into the arms of the other. A France that pushes to the left without being able to wrest power from Macronie.

A France which has above all expressed its exasperation by opting for Nupes and for the National Rally, head-to-head in the second round next Sunday in nearly a hundred constituencies! Who would have believed it a few months ago?

The relays of the Head of State can use understatement at will, the first victory of Jean-Luc Mélenchon is indisputable as much as the weakness, and the weakening of Elisabeth Borne and her government. One managed to capture the flood of anger while the other failed to answer a very simple question: how would a majority be useful five more years to Emmanuel Macron? One defended a dreamed, even ideal world, the other got lost in a countryside cut off from the daily lives of citizens, with no real hope of change.

The country wants something else


If a fragmented first round does not make a second round reassuring for an outgoing majority, the message sent cannot remain a dead letter. The challenge is less to win a few additional constituencies next week than to bring pledges to the abyssal gap before our eyes. The French could not understand a status quo of circumstance maintained by the President of the Republic who must personally commit to redirecting his method.

This time, the figures do not hide the realities of the moment, the country wants something else. A new path that the leaders in place until 2027 cannot offer, or do not want to implement, as much out of conviction as because the budgetary room for maneuver is reduced. The rupture was consummated, the time for the stalemate seems to have come. Disaster scenario on the horizon.

Olivier Biscaye, editorial director of Midi Libre
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