Left alone with kids: Josephine Welsch shoots against ex

Josephine Welsch (29) lets her anger run free! Shortly after giving birth to Robert Dallmann’s twins in addition to their first child, the actress unexpectedly announced the separation. Their relationship was like an illusory world from which they finally woke up. In the past few months, the influencer has repeatedly indicated how angry she is with her ex and what pressure she is under as a single mom of three children – but now pack Josephine honestly like never before and shoots violently against it Robert!

In your Instagram-Story, the 29-year-old has now published a long video message in which, visibly and audibly upset, she describes what her life currently looks like: “While the mother is alone with the children and it is not foreseeable whether the child’s father will ever be able to take his children again – because he does not have the opportunity – then you really have to give the woman who takes care of the children that too Make life hell and penetrate them properly … “, is annoyed Josephine.

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But what does she mean by penetrate? Robert is said not only to have left the formerly shared farm dirty, but also to have secretly sold her things when she was on vacation. “There are people who tick their lives like a tick and suck everything out,” emphasizes the triple mother. Even her three little dwarf tips have disappeared. Josephine apparently suspects her ex. “I will definitely make an ad,” threatens the former Berlin – day & night actress. “This guy walks over corpses … He keeps pushing the cart against the wall. I’m curious to see how it goes on.”

Josephine and Robert apparently cannot clarify their problems either: “The child’s father cannot be reached, he blocked me. The children could be life-threateningly injured, he would be the last to find out,” emphasizes the TV actress. “Likewise, I can’t ask him for help. He told me he can’t while he still has strong feelings for me – after he cheated on me. […] Once a narcissist, always a narcissist. “

Finally explained Josephine: “He cannot support me financially and neither does he support me with the children. I have to be able to do it, I have no choice.” For them it is clear: “I have to look after three children by myself and also have my job on top – I can’t expect anything from him.”

Robert has become in his Instagram-Story actually already expressed about the allegations: “To everyone who always listens to one side of the story, makes up their minds about it and then thinks they know everything …”, wrote Wolf – and posted a meaningful middle finger emoji. Apparently have him after Josephines Statement hate messages received from their fans. But so far he has not said more on the subject.

Josephine Welsch and her three children, June 2021
Josephine Welsch with her twins in May 2020
Robert Dallmann with his son
Josephine Welsch with her partner Robert "Wolf" Dallmann

Instagram / josephine_welsch

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Josephine Welsch with her partner Robert “Wolf” Dallmann
Josephine Welsch, actress and influencer

Instagram / josephine_welsch

Josephine Welsch, actress and influencer
Robert Dallmann with his scion

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