Lee Min Ho would not act in The Heirs, how did he get to be Kim Tan?

Can you imagine other celebs giving life to Kim Tan? Lee Min Ho’s character was offered to someone else but it was up to this actor to join the cast of The Heirs.

The 2013 drama starred Park Shin Hye as EunSang y Lee Min Ho Like Kim Tan, throughout the episodes we saw her characters face all kinds of challenges, proving that their love was stronger than any social difference or family imposition.

With a cast of stars, the production worked so that The Heirs became one of the most successful in the world and today most fans fondly remember the story, why could it be different?

Before he was the leading character outside of the actor from The King: Eternal Monarch was offered another strong candidate, however things were arranged so that the K-Drama outside as we know it today, here we tell you the story.

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Who would play the role of Lee Min Ho in Heirs?

Originally, the role of the young student was offered to the actor Jung Yong Hwa, the member of CNBLUE He had all the potential to become Kim Tan, but he turned down the offer for a very valid reason.

He had already worked in two dramas with Park Shin Hye, first he gave life to the secondary boy of You Are Beautiful and then they were a couple in Heartstrings. The two celebs got along very well and thus the dating rumors started, so Yong Hwa chose not to join the drama.

Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa in Heartstrings. | Source: Twitter @lishvv

Lee Min Ho becomes the perfect Kim Tan

The search continued to find the Korean actor who would star in The Heirs and as soon as Lee Min Ho accepted the role they realized that this boy and his acting skills were ideal for the role they wanted to capture in the plot.

We recently also took you to remember a fight between Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho in this production, can you imagine how popular this scene is?

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