Lee Min Ho: Why is his character in City Hunter unique?

Do you know all the K-Dramas where Lee Min Ho has worked? Then surely you have already seen City Hunter. Whether you want to remember this story or need motivation to watch it, we tell you about some qualities of this actor’s character that you will love.

This is a Korean drama that premiered in 2011 on MBC. City Hunter tells the story of a group of soldiers who were betrayed on a mission, leaving only one survivor as a result. He wants revenge and to obtain it he leaves the country with the newborn son of one of his deceased companions, trains him and they return to fulfill his objective.

The korean actor Lee Min Ho was in charge of giving life to the protagonistwhom we know under three different names, Poo Chai, Jhon Lee and Lee Young Sungbeing the latter with whom they meet him when they arrive in Korea.

The history of this drama is exciting from start to finish and even includes a dose of romance, but here’s why the character of Lee Minho in the series is unique.

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City Hunter: Qualities of Lee Min Ho’s role as Young Sung that you will love

  • talent in every way

Since his childhood, Young Sung received training of all kinds, he is an expert in fighting techniques, use of weapons and even cunning to go unnoticed when he needs to. However, his skills go further, he is very intelligent, getting to study at a foreign university and getting a job at La Casa Azul.

Lee Min Ho in City Hunter. | Source: Twitter @armylovelyyyyyy

Lee Min Ho’s character returns to Korea following the orders of the one who raised him as if he were his father, he knows that he has a mission to fulfill and that is to take revenge. However, although his father expects him to be ruthless, he chooses to expose the bad actions of others and leave things in the hands of justice.

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At the beginning, we meet a boy who always had in mind the revenge he should execute, but as he interacts with other people he begins to question if it is what he wants to do, thus breaking with an idea that was repeated over and over again for years. .

Characters from the drama City Hunter. | Source: Twitter @WorldKdramas

  • Your values ​​before revenge

Young Sung used to not have emotional bonds because he was only focused on his mission, but when he arrives in Korea that changes, not only with Kim Na Na but even as he gets closer to people like the veterinarian Soo Hee and the prosecutor Young Jo. So now, even if his revenge is at risk, we see him worrying about others and looking out for his safety, showing a new side of his character.

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