Lee Min Ho turns 16 as an actor, these are his best roles

One of the most popular actors in South Korea is Lee Min Ho. Recognized as one of the greatest exponents of Hallyu in the world, Lee Min Ho is praised and loved by thousands of K-Drama fans. And his 16-year acting career backs him up.

Lee Minho fulfilled on May 10 his sixteenth anniversary in the world of performance. Although he was in several series as a secondary character, one of his first most recognized roles was in 2006 in Secret Campus and three years later he had his breakout role in Boys Over Flowers.

Lee Min Ho anniversary. // Source: Twitter @lmhminozph

Through the past 16 years, Lee Min Ho has gifted audiences with unforgettable and moving performances. He has also played all kinds of characters that now position him as one of the possible candidates to win an Emmy Award. His performance has been recognized not only in South Korea but internationally.

For this reason, from crown princes, mobsters, wealthy young men, to warriors of the Joseon era, Lee Min Ho has roles that are unforgettable. And so we celebrate his anniversary with his most memorable roles.

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Lee Min Ho’s characters who stole thousands of hearts

  • Gu Jun Pyo – Boys Over Flower

A millionaire and arrogant student who treats people as if they were inferior to him but who changes for the better over the course of the story thanks to the love of the protagonist. He is one of Lee Min Ho’s most iconic and popular roles.

  • Lee Gon – The King: Eternal Monarch

In this drama, Lee Min Ho plays a king in modern times. And how life in the royal family represents between security and boredom. His life changes after meeting Jung Tae Eul, for whom he is willing to give everything.

In The Heirs, Lee Min Ho played Kim Tan, a young heir who was sent to study abroad to be cut off from the family. While in America, he meets a girl who will completely change his perspective on life. In this drama, Lee Min Ho gave us scenes that broke our hearts like this one:

Special Mention: Lee Min Ho’s most recent role was as the Pachinko villain. Although he presents himself as a reliable businessman, he is the one in charge of putting a thousand obstacles in the world of Sunja, the protagonist of the story.

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Lee Min Ho continues to work tirelessly, what is your next project?

Lee Min Ho’s latest drama Pachinko aired its last episode a few days ago and it was announced that they would have a second season. Although no actors have been confirmed to participate yet, fans are looking forward to seeing the actor again.

Another drama Lee Min Ho will be participating in is Ask the Starsa funny romantic comedy about a space station for astronauts and tourists.

In other news, RM showed that he is a big fan of Lee Min Ho’s drama Pachinko. Did you hear?

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