Lee Min Ho showed off the gifts that his fans from Mexico and more countries sent him

Lee Min Ho received many gifts and food trucks on the ‘Ask The Stars’ filming set, and the Korean actor thanked all his fans from Mexico, Latin America, and more parts of the world for their support, showing what he received from his fanbases.

We know that lee min ho it’s an amazing korean actorBeing so talented, he has become one of the most popular K-drama stars both in Korea and around the world. Her work has featured in a lot of series like ‘The Heirs’, ‘The Legend Of The Blue Sea’ and most recently ‘Pachinko’.

During 2022, Minho He not only worked on ‘Pachinko’ which is his most recent drama; the actor also began filming ‘Ask The Stars’, his next series in which he will become an astronaut who will live an affair with a space tourist. Fans are looking forward to this new series.

And precisely those millions of fans from Lee Min Ho who are all over the world decided to show their love and support for the actor with some gifts he received on the set of Ask The Stars. Thanks to the love of various fanbases of min hohe received a lot of food trucks that encouraged him to continue working.

It is evident that Lee Min Ho is very appreciative of his minoz and in fact he bragged all the little gifts which he received from his fans from Mexico, Latin America, the US, Korea and much more.

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Lee Min Ho showed on Instagram the gifts that Minoz sent him from Mexico, Latin America and more countries

Through their instagram stories, Lee Min Ho showed the gifts that his fans gave him or rather a memory of all the support that Minoz from Mexico and more countries gave him during the filming of ‘Ask The STars’ since the actor only showed the photos of the stickers that were given in each of the food trucks that each fanbase sent. And wow, there were many.

Minoz de México, Minoz Sabor Latino, and More Supported Lee Min Ho | Instagram: @actorleeminho

Lee Min Ho showed and thanked for all the love and support from his Minoz during the filming of his drama. He gave us so much cuteness, he saved all these stickers and took photos of them one by one, isn’t he the sweetest in the world?

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How many food trucks did Lee Min Ho receive on the set of Ask The Stars?

We saw 18 stories of Lee Min Ho, which tells us that this was the number of fanbases who sent their support to Lee Min Ho during the filming of ‘Ask The Stars’, the actor and staff of the drama received all the love from thousands of Minoz who organized this especially to show their love and encourage the Korean star in his work.

Lee Min Ho Received Over 15 Food Trucks On The Ask The Stars Film Set | Twitter: @korcinema_fess

It makes us very happy to see how much support Lee Min Ho received and how his fanbases organize to show their love for the Korean actor, it is something truly beautiful and admirable.

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