Lee Min Ho is the best actor in Korea, his awards confirm it

One of the actors considered the highest representative of Hallyu in the world is Lee Min Ho, any K-Drama lover knows his name and has seen at least one of his dramas. The South Korean has become so popular that even Hollywood has sought it out and has drawn the attention of critics in the American market. Lee Min Ho’s acting has been praised multiple times and the awards he has won prove it.

Lee Minho He is one of the most popular actors in South Korea. Since his participation in Boys Over Flowers, all of his dramas have gained great popularity and he has given us memorable performances. His great dedication to the performance has earned him several awards.

Lee Minho. // Source: Twitter @RGon887

Fans of Lee Min Ho know that he is one of the actors in the industry with the most passion and love for his work. For this reason, his entire artistic career fascinates and makes them proud. The South Korean has not only obtained the love of his fans, he has also been recognized with various awards for his great career.

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Awards Lee Min Ho Has Achieved During His 16 Years Of Acting

Actor Lee Min Ho has become one of the most loved South Korean celebrities in the world. All drama lovers know his name and have fallen in love with more than one of his roles. His long acting career has earned him several major awards.

During his early years in acting, Lee Min Ho garnered Best Actor and Best New Actor awards for his iconic performance in Boys Over Flowersin addition to winning other categories such as Best Drama Couple with Koo Hye Sun, this at the SBS and Baeksang Awards.

Since 2009, he has continued to win awards for best actor and best couple with his co-stars for their performances in dramas such as City Hunter, Faith, The Heirs, and Gangnam Blues, earning the Top Hallyu Award at the Seoul International Drama Awards in 2015. As well as the Prime Minister Award at the 5th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award.

His last award was in 2020 at the SBS Drama Awards, where he won the award for Excellence Actor in Fantasy and Romance Miniseries, for his role in The King: Eternal Monarch.

Awards Lee Min Ho has won. // Source: Twitter @minhomewcr7

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Lee Min Ho Is Now Officially A Nominee For The 2022 Emmy Awards

The official ballots with the nominees for the 2022 Emmy Awards have been revealed, although so far all the actors who will be considered to be in the TOP 5 stars invited to the awards have been shared, fans were excited to see that Lee Min Ho officially appeared on the awards page. The South Korean will be competing in the category of Best Leading Actor for his participation in Pachinko, where he played Hansu, the villain of the story.

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