Lee Min Ho Dresses Up As A Doctor On Filming For Ask The Stars

After his successful appearance in Pachinko, Lee Min Ho hasn’t given himself a moment to rest, as he is already on the recording set for his new project, Ask the Stars. What could be seen of the actor?

It was recently confirmed that Lee Minho will participate in a new romantic comedy called ‘Ask the Stars‘. Since the announcement of this drama, it has been highly anticipated by K-Drama lovers for its unique theme. And the fact that they started the filming His excitement increased even more.

Lee Min Ho always plays iconic roles. // Source: Twitter @actorleeminho

For lovers of Korean dramas, seeing Lee Min Ho on stage is always a delight, it is not for nothing that he is considered the best actor of the Korean Wave today and is recognized not only in South Korea, but internationally. .

For that reason, the idea of ​​seeing him again in a romantic comedy after playing a villain in Pachinko completely touched the hearts of his fans. What role is he going to play in Ask the Stars?

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Lee Min Ho wears blue scrubs on the set of Ask the Stars

The recordings of Ask the Stars have begun and Lee Min Ho is already playing the new character that promises to steal the hearts of all his followers.

Fans recently learned that Lee Min Ho was filming Ask the Stars at a hospital in Seoul. In said drama, the actor will play a doctor on a space station. So seeing the actor in scrubs excited his fans a lot, who are waiting impatiently to learn more about the character he will play and the look he will wear in this drama.

Lee Min Ho playing his character. // Source: Twitter @caramelhershey

Ask the Stars will be a romantic comedy that takes place on a space station in the perhaps not too distant future in which not only astronauts travel to space, but also tourists. Without a doubt, a drama to pay attention to. Her co-star will be Kong Hyo-Jin, and K-drama lovers can’t wait to see the chemistry the two actors could have. What are you most looking forward to from this drama?

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When does Ask the Stars, Lee Min Ho’s new drama, premiere?

There is no exact date for the premiere of Ask the Stars yet. Due to its theme, the drama took more than five years to plan. However, it is estimated that it could be seen in early 2023. Are you ready to see that drama?

In other news, Kim Seon Ho will be returning to the world of acting, what did he say?

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